City offers a mixture of events and experiences, including exchanges, summer schools, virtual leadership events, one-month experiences abroad, and virtual sessions working with students from around the world.

Short-term global experiences

As a student at City, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of short-term global experiences either virtually, on-campus or internationally. Throughout the academic year, there will be a mixture of events and experiences, including summer schools, virtual leadership events, one-month experiences abroad, and virtual sessions working with students from around the world. Many of these opportunities are open to all students, however some might be School, or programme specific.

See what our students say about past global experiences they have participated in.

  • “I loved the passion from everyone and I really enjoyed being around like-minded people who are here to challenge themselves and gain something out of this experience”
  • “What stood out was the speakers, I was able to learn about humility, respect and how to carry people along when presenting.”
  • “Seeing how different people have different perspectives on the same topics, helped me realize the importance of listening to others' opinions because they can add a much broader picture to my own understandings.”
  • “I really loved meeting people from a diverse background and being able to talk to people who are studying completely different degrees as me and from different ages! It really felt nice speaking to people again since Covid which was really comforting as well.”
  • “This program has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and become more confident, which I would be able to transfer across different aspects of my life. The program was enriching as I am able to take the tips I obtained from the experience will stay with me whatever path I take in the future.”
  • “Such a helpful programme and I really appreciate the work that everyone has done to make this such an amazing experience for all of us! Everyone who participated was so happy to learn and co-operate with each other.”

Current opportunities

Discover the Leader in you

16-18 March 2022, free

  • Day 1 on campus (1pm-5pm)
  • Day 2 & 3 online (3pm-7pm)

Learn more than what it means to be a leader. Develop your own inclusive leadership skills—explore what it means to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures. Take part in an experiential three-day online programme where you develop the skills needed in the 21st century.

  • Hear from and engage with leaders from a range of backgrounds
  • Virtually go behind-the-scenes of organisations across different sectors
  • Develop solutions to real-life organisational challenges
  • Prepare yourself for life after graduation.

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Mixed group of young men and women crowding around a laptop and map.

“Study abroad increases students’ international ambitions, and helps them to develop their cultural, social, and political understanding.”

Universities UK, 2021. Gone International: rising aspirations

City offers a range of opportunities, both long and short term, to study abroad. Your undergraduate degree could take you to Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, or the USA*. Studying internationally can enhance your employability, help you to build international connections and networks, improve your language skills, and support your personal development.

Contact your School to find out which opportunities are available to you.

*List of countries non-exhaustive, subject to change year-on-year, and opportunities differ between Schools.

How to engage sustainably

City has committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050, therefore when travelling we need to minimise the negative impact on the environment and maximise the benefits.

How to minimise the negative impact of your travels and maximise the benefits

In addition to the opportunities we offer abroad, we also have a number of experiences closer to home - such as virtual ones, or those that take place on-campus. Keep checking this page for details of future events taking place.

We want your opinion!

What international opportunities should we be offering, that we currently are not? Could be virtual, on-campus, or somewhere abroad.

Fill in a very short form telling us what global experiences you would like to see offered at City.

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