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Micro-Placements Programme 2023/24

The Micro-Placements Programme (MPP) offers opportunities for students who want to explore careers different from those traditionally associated with their degree.

Micro-Placements are an exciting way to gain professional experience via short summer placements with a wide range of London-based employers.

The aim of the programme is to give you real-life exposure to the business environment and enhance your employability skills.

The Micro-Placements Programme is a 15-credit elective module and the Micro-Placement itself takes place in June and July 2024.

All placements will be 140 hours, either four weeks full time or up to eight weeks part time.

Preparation sessions throughout the academic year and guidance materials will help you prepare for placement.

A means-tested MPP Hardship Bursary will also be available based on data held by the Student Loans Company. We will contact students who are eligible for the bursary before they start their Micro-Placement.

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Eligible courses

The Micro-Placements Programme (MPP) is available to a limited number of courses by year group.

Find out if your course offers the MPP below.

School of Communication & Creativity

In Year 1 and 2

English BA

Music BMus

Music, Sound and Technology BSc

In Year 2 only

Journalism BA

Journalism, Politics and History BA

Media Communication and Sociology BSc

Media Communication and Sociology with Quantitative Methods BSc

School of Policy & Global Affairs

In Year 1 and 2

Economics BSc

Economics with Accounting BSc

Financial Economics BSc

History BA

History and Politics BA

International Political Economy BSc

International Politics BSc

International Politics and Sociology BSc

Politics BSc

In Year 2 only

Criminology BSc

Criminology and Sociology BSc

Criminology and Sociology with Quantitative Methods BSc

Criminology with Quantitative Methods BSc

Economics with Econometrics BSc

Sociology BSc

Sociology with Psychology BSc

Sociology with Psychology and Quantitative Methods BSc

Sociology with Quantitative Methods BSc

Bayes Business School

In Year 1 only

Actuarial Science BSc

Actuarial Science with foundation year BSc

Data Analytics and Actuarial Science BSc

Finance with Actuarial Science BSc

In Year 2 only

Banking and International Finance BSc

Finance BSc

Investment and Financial Risk Management BSc

In Year 1 and 2

Accounting and Finance BSc

Business Management BSc

Business Management with Social Purpose BSc

Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship BSc

Business with Finance BSc

Business with Marketing BSc

International Business BSc

School of Health & Psychological Sciences

In Year 2 only

Psychology with Criminology BSc

Psychology BSc

The City Law School

In Year 1 and 2


How to apply

If the Programme is available to your course as an elective, you can start your journey in these simple steps:

1. Attend an MPP Application Workshop in October OR complete an online self-learning course. We suggest you take both options to help you fully prepare for the pre-application quiz and the application itself.

The MPP is a competitive programme. Links are below:

2. Pass a short programme quiz to gain access to the application form (link to the quiz will be provided at the end of the workshop or the self-learning course)

3. Complete the application form which opens on Monday 2nd October and closes at 12:00 noon on Monday 23rd October 2023.

Supporting materials and feedback will be given.

If you would feel supported in completing your application by the introduction of some reasonable adjustments, then please contact us to discuss this further.

Kishan's experience

Hear directly from one of your peers, Kishan Chatwal, on how completing a Micro-Placement supported his employability.

Micro-Placement testimonials

Former Micro-Placement students had this to say about their experience on the Micro-Placements Programme.

“The recruitment process was overall very insightful. I think it is very helpful for future recruitment processes and I will very likely refer back to the workshop content when applying for jobs - I am even currently using what I've learnt to help friends!”

BMus Music student

“The host was extremely supportive, provided meaningful work and created opportunities for development consistently throughout the programme. The host ensured I felt part of the team and was really inclusive, through arranging team lunches etc. 10/10 experience”

BSc Economics with Accounting student

“Very friendly and supportive colleagues. I got to interact with members throughout the organisation, from the CEO to fellow MPP students. I felt that my work was valued and so I was really contributing to the output of the organisation.”

BSc Data Analytics and Actuarial Science student

“On the Programme I was able to develop so many transferable skills such as time management and organisational skills. The Programme also allowed for me to explore other career paths and decide on what I would like to do after I graduate.”

LLB Law student

“I enjoyed the Micro-Placement Programme, it gave me insight into different businesses and sectors that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve also learnt a lot about myself in terms of my strengths and weaknesses. The Micro-Placement team were always on hand for support too.”

BSc Psychology Student

Team working together

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Micro-Placements Programme please email the Micro Placements team.