City's Environmental Sustainability Policy and overall sustainability objectives are managed and monitored by the Sustainability Committee.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible to the University's Executive Council (ExCo).  The Committee is made up of staff and students from different areas across the institution and is chaired by Professor Ken Grattan, Dean of the Graduate School, who is a member of ExCo.

The Sustainability Committee aims to:

  • Embed sustainability within all of City's activities involving both students and staff
  • Develop and report on progress on the integration of education for sustainable development into the curriculum
  • Develop action plans and targets to ensure continual improvement against all areas of the People & Planet Green League (City's strategic key performance indicator for environmental sustainability)
  • Monitor and report on performance against City's key performance indicator
  • Ensure effective communication of achievements within and outside the institution
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing the profile of the Sustainability Committee
  • Report to ExCo twice a year and to Council annually through the submission of an Annual Sustainability Report.

Campus curriculum - includes all of the environmental areas which are managed by the Sustainability Team within Property and Facilities, such as:

  • Energy and carbon management
  • Water management
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Sustainable Food and Fairtrade
  • Biodiversity
  • Green Travel

Formal curriculum - includes sustainability as it appears in City's courses and modules and research activities.

Full details of City's sustainability volunteering opportunities can be found below:

Sustainability Leaders

Beekeeping and Gardening

General Volunteering