City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 27 Oct 2021 9:37am

Covid-19 Hardship Fund

We understand that many students have been financially impacted throughout the pandemic, experiencing difficulty supplementing their income through part-time work and struggling with living costs, often related to term time accommodation.

To enable students to continue with their courses and achieve successful outcomes, City is pleased to be able to offer additional student hardship funding for a time limited period from 25th February until 5th March 2021 at 6pm/18.00 (UK time).

This funding includes financial support provided by the Office for Students (OfS) to support students who have suffered financial hardship as a direct result of the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fund is open to all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students and applications for funding must be assessed based on individual student circumstances. Any money received through the Fund does not need to be paid back.

Previous recipients of funding from the City Student Hardship Fund can still apply for additional funding through the this new Fund.

To find out more about the fund and apply, please read our frequently asked questions and answers below. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact

Other sources of funding available

This fund is separate and additional to other City funds:

Students who believe they meet the criteria for the Covid-19 hardship fund should apply for this fund.

What is meant by hardship?

This is where a student had made adequate financial provision to support their study and living costs, but unexpected effects or costs due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic leads them to seek financial assistance.

What is the financial support available for?

The Covid-19 Hardship Fund is for students who have been significantly impacted financially by Covid-19. This fund is limited and not all applicants are guaranteed to receive an award. It is anticipated that the maximum amount will be £1,000.

We will be using the guidance provided by OfS and the University will be seeking to ensure that those students most in need of support get priority.

The following are examples of where students may be in need:

  1. Accommodation costs incurred by students who have a different term time address and who are unable to use their accommodation.
  2. Students whose household income has been significantly impacted by Covid-19. For example, if you have been furloughed, are not eligible for furlough or if you have lost a job during the most recent restrictions imposed.
  3. Students who are ineligible for support from City’s existing fund to support students’ use of digital technology.
  4. International students who may have specific needs.

Who can apply?

All registered undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply, including international and EU students.

Previous recipients of funding from the City Student Hardship Fund may still apply for additional funding through the OfS fund.

The fund has a limited amount of money, so financial support and levels of funds may be prioritised for students who:

  • Are estranged students and care leavers
  • Are clinically extremely vulnerable and who may be shielding, or who live with others who are clinically extremely vulnerable and who may be shielding
  • Entered higher education from supported housing or who are homeless
  • Have disabilities and are unable to access teaching and related services remotely
  • Are student parents
  • Are refugees or asylum seekers

Students on a sponsored or financial support scheme (for example US loans or aid) are responsible for ensuring this fund does not breach the terms and conditions of their agreement.

How do I apply?

Please read the eligibility and further information carefully below and then complete the online application form in full.

  • You must complete all questions, providing as much information as possible about your circumstances in the Supporting Statement section to ensure we have all of the information required to assess your need for support.
  • You will need to upload supporting evidence as part of your application. It is a mandatory part of the process to supply evidence where it is requested. Any applications that are submitted without the requested information and evidence will not be considered. Please find below, some examples of the types of evidence that we will require.
  • Your application form cannot be amended once submitted and due to tight timescales, we are unable to contact any applicant for missing information or evidence after submission.
  • Only submit when you have provided all requested information and evidence.

What type of evidence should I provide in my application?

You should only send evidence as part of your application and not send separately to other email addresses. Due to the high volume of applications that we are receiving, evidence received outside of the application will not be considered.

This is not an exhaustive list but may help you prepare before starting your application based on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic or your ability to work while you study.

It may be appropriate to include evidence based on your partner if this is relevant to your overall household income and your hardship application.



For students who have been furloughed and are still earning a percentage of their usual wage

Current payslip (issued in or after December 2020) showing furloughed pay or correspondence from employer confirming furloughed status.

For students who have lost their job/are not entitled to furlough/have been furloughed on a zero hours contract and are not earning a percentage of their usual wage

P45 or other correspondence confirming job loss (issued in or after September 2020).

For students that are not entitled to furlough (or other government schemes), correspondence from employer confirming this.

For students on a zero hours contract, a payslip as proof of furloughed status but no pay or correspondence from your employer confirming your status.

For students who are self-employed, have experienced a serious loss of income due to Covid-19 and have not been entitled to apply for support from the government

Correspondence confirming application for support and/or confirmation of rejection. Where it was known that you were not eligible for support, please provide a copy of the legislation to confirm this, along with evidence that this applies to you.

What is the process for the fund being distributed?

The fund is open from 25th February – 5th March (6pm/18.00 – UK time). We aim for students to have received their award by 31st March.

Applications will be reviewed and assessed by the Covid-19 Hardship Fund Panel. We will work through applications in the order they are received. The decision of the Panel is final and we will not be able to provide any bespoke individual responses about the outcome of any application, due to the anticipated number of applications.

Each applicant will receive an email from the University from 22nd March onwards to make them aware of the outcome of their application. We will not be able to provide information about whether an application has been successful over the telephone or as a response to an email query.

City reserves the right to recover any funds awarded if the information provided as part of your application is proven to be false in nature.

Can I apply to cover accommodation costs?

Requests for funding for accommodation costs will only be considered for students who are currently unable to live in their term time accommodation due to Covid-19.

The evidence required will be the accommodation contract/s for the residence that you are unable to live in and recent correspondence from your letting agent/landlord as proof that you have attempted to exit your contract or that your provider is not already providing you with a financial discount or compensation.

All evidence must be from an official source and we will not accept screenshots of text messages or emails where it is not clear who has provided the information and what your relationship is with this person, for example text message correspondence between you and your landlord.