Academic skills workshops

Study skills workshops, October-November 2018

This autumn, City’s Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) team are offering a wide-ranging series of lunchtime study skills workshops.

  • Most sessions are open to all City students, but some are School-specific, as indicated below
  • There’s no need to book; just come along to the sessions that best address your needs
  • All sessions are from 1pm to 1.50pm unless stated otherwise below*. Room numbers are shown.

Understanding your marking criteria and planning your essay (rescheduled)

  • Monday 29th October

-Law students: B103

  • Tuesday 2nd October

-SASS students: B103


Tuesday 2nd October, Room C309

Critical thinking and writing

Wednesday 3rd October, Room B103

Learning to learn

Thursday 4th October, Room B104

Digital literacy

Friday 5th October, Room EG01

Essay writing for Law students (rescheduled)

Monday 5th November, Room B103

Essay writing

Tuesday 9th October

-Cass students: C314
-SHS students: C309
-SASS students: BG03

Reflective writing

Wednesday 10th October, Room B103

Free Software for Assignment Writing & Revision*

Thursday 11th October, Room ELG10

13.00-14.00 – demonstration
14.00-14.50 – practice time

Writing techniques

Friday 12th October, Room B103

Referencing and avoiding plagiarism

Monday 15th October, Room B103

Dissertation skills for SASS students

Tuesday 16th October, Room B103

Dissertation skills

Wednesday 17th October

-Cass students: B104
-SHS students: B103

Writing a technical report

Monday 22nd October, Room C318

Research terminology

Wednesday 24th October, Room C304

Graphical representation of data

Friday 26th October, Room B103

Revision techniques

Monday 19th November, Room B103

Exam techniques

Tuesday 20th November, Room C314

From anxiety to calm in your revision

Wednesday 21st November, Room ELG02

Mind mapping software*

Thursday 22nd November, Room ELG10

13.00-14.00 - demonstration
14.00-14.50 - practice time

If you miss any session, you will find the learning materials on the Learning Success Moodle. If you have a question about any of the workshops, please phone 020 7040 0246 or email

If you have a question about any of the workshops, please call 020 7040 0246 or email Academic Learning Support