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Last updated: 19 Oct 2020 10:41am

Study skills webinars

Study skills webinars

The Academic Skills team will be hosting a series of webinars. These will provide you with the skills and resources to enhance your learning at home.

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Upcoming webinars

Referencing and good academic practice

Friday 16th October, 1pm or Thursday 19th November, 1pm*

Referencing is important but it doesn't have to be scary.  This session will introduce you to referencing using the Harvard style.

*The November session is a repeat of the October webinar – so you only need to attend once.

Scheduling your study and managing your time

Monday 19th October, 1pm

Organising your time is an important skill, but especially when studying online. We'll look at different ways of scheduling  your time so you can work as efficiently as possible, and give yourself more time to pursue your own priorities

Studying independently: what to do beyond attending your (online) lectures

Thurs 29th October, 1pm

You're attending your timetabled sessions but perhaps you're wondering what else you could be doing in order to learn.  This session will help you to start studying independently.

Develop your critical evaluation writing skills

Tues 10th November, 1pm

Further improve your critical thinking and writing skills for your studies.
We will discuss a critical evaluation approach and analyse effective critical writing from past students

Referencing and good academic practice

Thurs 19th November, 1pm

Referencing is important but it doesn't have to be scary.  This session will introduce you to referencing using the Harvard style.

Reflective writing: how to approach this unique assignment format

Thurs 26th November, 1pm

If you have an assignment that specifically calls for reflective writing then this session is for you.  We will look at models and strategies for this unique academic format.

Drawing to revise: mind maps, concept mapping and visualisation

Monday 30th November, 1pm

Tired of reading your notes to revise? Want to try something different? This workshop will explore how to make diagrams and images to revise more effectively.

Effective revision strategies

Tuesday 8th December, 1pm

More multisensory tips to make your revision more effective. We will discuss a variety of strategies for your upcoming assessments and exams.

It isn’t possible to make you anonymous during these live MS Teams webinars.  If you feel unable to attend because of this, you can instead view a recorded version of each webinar afterwards.

All the meeting information within Teams is automatically deleted after 30 days, but until that time is up, your name and anything you write in the chat thread will be visible if someone visits the meeting after it has finished.

The permanent recording will not include the chat thread.

All webinar sessions run for 50 minutes.

Past webinars:

Dissertation skills: what to do, and when (repeat)

This webinar discussed the different tasks you have to accomplish in order to write a successful dissertation, and how to manage your time so that you make the deadline.

How do I respond positively to setbacks in my learning?

The webinar focused on a positive approach to learning using a growth mindset. We discussed practical ways of reflecting, responding to assignment feedback and moving forwards in our studies.

Dealing with Distractions

This webinar provided advice and tips for dealing with distractions whilst studying at home. We discussed how to fit your study around looking after children, managing other responsibilities and dealing with busy households.

Tips for take-home exams and effective revision

This webinar will equip you with strategies for take-at-home exams, as well as introducing some multi-sensory revision methods and exploring effective approaches to time management.

Keep your learning lively

This webinar explored multi-sensory learning techniques and how to avoid procrastination.

Studying at home and during Ramadan

This webinar explored time management, note-taking tips and studying well during Ramadan.

New academic year: key skills to master, key challenges to look out for

We reviewed key skills needed to succeed academically, especially in light of the current demand to work online effectively. We also pointed out potential pitfalls and ways to prevent them. The webinar aimed to give all students a strong boost in their academic endeavours and help them set their work up for the coming year. It was open to all students: returning and new, under- and post-graduate.

It would be useful to download the Microsoft Teams App in advance of the webinar.

The videos and slides from all webinars will be made available after each session in the Toolkit section of the Moodle Module:

Visit the Student Academic Skills and Wellbeing Moodle course page