Academic skills webinars

Academic skills workshops and webinars

The Academic Skills Team will be delivering an new programme of academic skills workshops and webinars during the Spring term, with a focus on dissertation and final year project writing, and a New Year, Fresh Start! introductory mini-series.

Topics covered will include exam techniques, referencing, writing critically, note-taking, group working and presentation skills, studying during Ramadan, and others.

These sessions will provide you with skills and resources to help you become an effective independent learner. All City students are welcome, and the sessions are suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

You can come to one session or several; please browse the programme and choose the sessions that meet your needs, then register.

All sessions start at 1pm and run for 50 minutes.

Materials (e.g. Powerpoints) for each session will be made available on the Academic Skills Team’s Moodle module a few days before the session and will be kept available for several months afterwards.

Please note: It isn’t possible to make you anonymous during an MS Teams webinar. If you feel unable to attend because of this, you can instead view a recorded version of each webinar afterwards. All the meeting information within Teams is automatically deleted after 30 days, but until that time is up, your name and anything you write in the chat thread will be visible if someone visits the meeting after it has finished. The permanent recording will not include the chat thread.

AST moodle course:

Our Moodle course is available to all students and contains resources and videos to help with all aspects of academic skills.

Visit the Student Academic Skills Team's Moodle course page