The Student Counselling & Mental Health Service is comprised of two teams who provide practical and emotional support to students.

Please see the information below to identify which team can best support you.

Student Counselling

The Student Counselling team offers confidential, emotional support to all current students who may be experiencing personal or academic difficulties. To find out more about the support offered and how to access us, please visit the Student Counselling team pages.

We do not provide out of hours crisis support. In case of emergency we recommend you contact your GP or call 111.

Find out more about crisis support.

Mental Health

The Mental Health team offers confidential, specialist emotional and practical support and guidance to students with a diagnosed mental health condition(s), those referred by the student counselling service and care leavers. To find out more about the support offered and how to access us, please visit the Mental Health team pages.

We do not provide out of hours crisis support. In case of emergency we recommend you contact your GP or call 111.

Find out more about crisis support.

Meet the teams

The service has a team of professionally trained and widely experienced counsellors, therapist and specialist mental health advisors. They are accustomed to helping people from many different backgrounds and cultures with a wide range of personal and academic concerns. Below you will find a list of our current staff members:

  • Midge Seymour-Roots - Head of Student Counselling and Mental Health Service
  • Hannah Abrahams - Senior Mental Health Advisor
  • Rachel Fahy - Mental Health Advisor
  • Barinder Lahli – Mental Health Advisor
  • Fiona Yaron-Fields - Student Counsellor
  • Lynne Mark - Student Counsellor
  • David Glyn - Group Counsellor
  • Sophie Greenfield - Student CBT Therapist
  • Colette Hagan - Student CBT Therapist

Administrative Team

  • Jenny Aster - Service Administrator
  • Tiziana Tuveri - Service Administrator

Which team do I need?

If you’re not sure which team you need, why not email us or attend an initial consultation.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

Steps towards a more inclusive and healthier university community.

Look After Your Mate

We know that although university can be exciting it can also be challenging and, life’s curveballs still get thrown at us. When someone is struggling, friends are often the first people they speak to and can play a key role in helping them to manage or overcome the difficulties they are facing. However,
we know that this isn’t always easy and it can be hard to know what to say and how best to support the people in our lives whilst also taking care of ourselves.

Student Minds’ ‘look After Your Mate’ initiative will help you to develop the knowledge, skill and confidence to support and respond to others who may be distressed. Please help us to reduce stigma around mental health and create a more supportive, inclusive and healthy community here at City, University
of London by taking a look at the guide below.

Look After Your Mate Guide

The Student Counselling & Mental Health Service in collaboration with Learning Success (LEaD) and Student Experience and Engagement (S&AS) will also be delivering workshops to compliment this guide and will be releasing the dates shortly.

Mindfulness: The 10 Minute Mind

Have you ever noticed that when you are fully involved and present in an activity it can make you feel calm and enjoy the experience so much more? Have you also noticed that it can be really hard not to be absorbed in worrying about the future, or going over events that happened, or that you are full
up of thoughts when trying to focus?

Mindfulness training can be particularly effective in helping students to learn to be more attentive, improve our focus and increase our sense of personal wellbeing. For this reason, the Student Counselling and Mental Health Service, CULSU and the Organisational Development team and the Ten Minute Mind
have collaborated to offer all students and staff at the university the opportunity to learn these skills. Learn more about the 10 Minute Mind and about other university students and staff experiences of using it here.

“"I can't praise the ten minute mind enough! It strengthens my concentration and keeps me motivated during the day which is key when revising! It's been so helpful to me at University that I got in touch with Monique and Lydia and asked to make it accessible at City so hopefully others can also benefit"

- Jessika, President of the City ‘Inside Out’ society

How to Register for the 10 Minute Mind

We know how busy you all are so the audio will come direct to your City email address every morning. You only need to find 10 minutes to listen and you too could see an improvement in your wellbeing and ability to study. After a few weeks you will be asked to fill out a short survey to help evaluate
the effectiveness of the programme in reducing stress. Sign up now using this link: The 10 Minute Mind

Further Information about Mindfulness

For more general information about mindfulness and the potential benefits visit Mindfulness for Students.