Student Counselling Service policies

Counselling sessions, including econsultations, are confidential. The counsellors attend external supervision in keeping with BACP ethics and also attend the City, University of London Mental Health Team weekly meetings, where discussions of their work are bound by confidentiality. The counsellors do not communicate about clients, including econsultation clients, with anyone in City or outside the service unless at the express wish of the client. The only circumstance in which confidentiality is broken is in the event of the counsellor believing an individual or individuals to be at serious risk. In such circumstances, the client's consent to change the agreement about confidentiality is sought, if at all possible.

If you have any queries about any aspect of confidentiality and record keeping, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Econsultations are password-protected and are encrypted (i.e. documents opened without a password are scrambled so they cannot be read).

If you request an econsultation, the Student Counselling Service will send you an email containing your password. You will need to keep this password safe and secure. Only you and the Student Counselling Service will have access to it. Following this, we will send you a registration and econsultation form in a password-protected document.

Please be aware that all information exchanged by email contains a small element of risk to confidentiality. However, the use of passwords and encryption significantly reduces this risk. Data is protected in accordance with City, University of London data protection policies.

What you need to do to protect confidentiality

You are advised to complete your econsultation in a private space if possible and always save and close your documents before leaving your screen. The communication between you and the counsellor is for the sole purpose of assisting you with the difficulties you face. The session between you and the counsellor is private and confidential. What the counsellor writes to you is the property of the Student Counselling Service.

Counselling notes must not be published in any way in the public domain.


Your consultation will be stored in a paper file and on the Student Counselling Service computer for the sole use of the Service's staff. All counselling records are strictly confidential and kept securely on the computer for a maximum of three years and on paper for a maximum of seven years.