Workshops and support groups


We deliver a variety of workshops throughout the academic year to meet your needs

Upcoming workshops: Academic Year 2017/18

Starting University

Wednesday 11th October 12:15-14:00

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding and coping with common thoughts and feelings
  • Exploring your values
  • How to access student support within City
  • Useful student websites

To register please see here.

Getting Focused, Energised, Active

Wednesday 8th November 12:15-14:00

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding how low mood affects how we engage with others
  • Developing meaningful/enjoyable activities
  • Developing problem solving skills

To register please see here.

Stress and Coping Strategies

Wednesday 6th December 12:15-14:00

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding stress
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques
  • Grounding exercises and imagery

To register please see here.

Counselling groups

The Student Counselling Service runs a range of groups - some long-term, others brief and focused on a particular issue.

Why Groups?

Groups are a natural environment for students to talk about their lives and learn how to think about many of the difficulties that they experience. Time spent at university marks a period of significant transition and change for most students, no matter at what age they are undertaking their studies.  Such transitions are connected with every aspect of life - the situation left behind with families and 'home' - growing up and discovering who we are, in the process of doing so - dealing with new social situations and relationships - looking forward to the roles and responsibilities which may be waiting after graduation.

It is helpful to discover that you are not alone in experiencing difficulties, distress or confusion, to realise that others can understand you and help you to understand. Just as you can also be helpful to others, through speaking about your experience.

Current Groups

  • Long-Term Counselling Groups - on Tuesday afternoons , Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons.
  • Group for Mature Students - on Thursday mornings.

Student Bereavement Group

Loss can affect us, at any time in our lives but often individuals feel they must deal with it on their own.

The Student Counselling Service offers a group for students who are in this situation.

Here, people who are feeling the effects of loss can speak to one another about their situations and think about the complex process of coping, when someone close has died.

If you are in this situation, or know of someone who is, and think that this group might be helpful, please complete the online application here so we can discuss this with you.

Longer term open groups

These groups provide students with a stable place to meet, every week - a place where you can get to know yourself better and learn more about how others see you.

Once you join one of these groups, you are able to remain a member, if you choose, for as long as you are a student at City. Many students have found that the groups provide an invaluable opportunity to develop new insights.

Basic format of the groups

Up to eight students meet weekly, together with the group conductor, for the purpose of talking about what is on the minds of the group members. Over time, people leave and others arrive - the group continues from one year to the next. Some groups have been running for many years.

We aim to create a sense of stability and security. All members are asked to attend regularly and to maintain the confidentiality of the group. Everyone has an interest in this, because it helps to make the group a safe place to talk.

People are free to talk - or not to talk - about the things that concern them. Sometimes, of course, it is difficult to speak about important matters. At such times we may try to think about what gets in the way of communicating.

There is no fixed agenda or programme; the life of the group is created by its members.

Benefits of being in a group

  • Everyone can learn together - it's not a matter of getting the 'right' answer.
  • You can be helpful to others through talking about yourself.
  • You can become more sensitive and responsive to others.
  • Through listening to others, you can learn that you are not alone.
  • You can discover that other people are able to understand your experience.
  • The experiences of others and their ways of thinking about things, and coping, can give you support and inspiration.

Meeting times

Groups meet at the same time, each week, throughout term time, and sometimes during vacation. If you decide to join one, you will be expected to attend regularly.

Joining a group

If you think that you might be interested in joining one of these groups, contact us to make an appointment, so that you can come in and discuss it.