Industrial Action

The University and College (Trade) Union (UCU) will be taking a period of strike action of 6 days in March.

You can find more on what this means for you, your classes, our campus and more on our industrial action at City page.

Last updated: 08 Mar 2023 10:44am

Student Health & Wellbeing includes four teams who provide practical, emotional and specialist disability related support to our students.

Student Health & Wellbeing Logo

Student Health and Wellbeing is based in the Drysdale and University buildings and open and available to all City students.

How we can help you

We offer a range offer services to meet diverse, individual needs and support you to manage your wellbeing and fulfil your potential whilst studying. Register now to find out how we can help you.

For information about our teams and how we can support you, please see our services.

If you are unsure which team you need, please contact any of us and we will be happy to guide you.

You will be offered a range of choices when booking your appointments, including both in-person and online appointments, to ensure your needs are accommodated.

If you are attending a face-to-face meeting, please make sure you follow the Covid-19 guidance in place.

Overview of our services

  • Student Health and Wellbeing Engagement Service- offers health and wellbeing promotion, first contact conversations, drop-in sessions and individual consultations around general wellbeing.
  • Student Disability and Neurodiversity Service- offers support and guidance, including reasonable adjustments for students with long-term health condition(s), physical disability or ASD. Also offers personalised, individual specialist study skills advice and reasonable adjustments for students with Specific learning differences.
  • Student Mental Health Service-  offers practical and emotional support throughout studies, including specialist mentoring support and reasonable adjustment recommendations
  • Student Counselling Service- offers confidential counselling to support and help understand any issues or difficulties which may affect wellbeing, and learn how to manage psychological health

Registering with the Student Health and Wellbeing Team

Our team offers advice and support for students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs), disabilities or long-term health conditions including those with diagnosed mental health conditions. Counselling is available irrespective if you have an SPLD, disability or diagnosis.

Please register with the team today so that we can share with you the types of support available to you throughout your studies.

Providing evidence of your disability or health condition

In order to register with the Disability, Neurodiversity or Mental Health Services, we require evidence of your disability or health condition. You can email this to us at or submit it when you complete your e-referral form with us.

You can also find further information on acceptable evidence.

If you would like to, you can download our evidence request form and return to us by email once completed.

You can send this to your GP or evidence contact to provide us with confirmation of your health condition.

Crisis and Emergency

We do not provide out of hours or crisis support.

If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of someone else, please see our Crisis and Emergency and Helpline Support pages.