University software

Please find a comprehensive list of City, University software below. This is also accompanied by information on how the software can be accessed.



BYOD = Your own personal device
  1. City Managed Devices are any devices that are owned by City, e.g campus PC labs, loan laptops or staff City devices.
  2. AppsAnywhere is the primary platform for accessing applications, AppsAnywhere provides the ability for some applications to be accessed from your own device.
  3. Remote Labs enables you to log-in to a campus lab computer remotely. This allows students to access software as if they are using a campus device.
  4. A small amount of software is also available for local installation on personal devices.

The following asterisk symbol and numbers are as follows.

* VPN required if off-site or on Eduroam

  • (1) Assisted Technology Labs Only
  • (2) Only for staff and Journalism students, staff apply via Service Desk
  • (3) Apply for a license via Service Desk
  • (4) Business School only
  • (5) Lab Machines on-site only
  • (6) Bloomberg lab machines only

Software List

ApplicationCity Managed DeviceBYOD via AABYOD via Remote Labs *BYOD Local Install Available
7-ZipMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Abaqus 2019MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Abbyy FineReaderMS Windows 1---
Acrobat DCMS Windows 5---
Adobe Acrobat ReaderMS Windows--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe After EffectsMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe AnimateMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe AuditionsMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe BridgeMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe Character AnimatorMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe DimensionMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe DreamweaverMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe IllustratorMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe InCopyMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe InDesignMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe LightroomMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe Lightroom ClassicMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe Media EncoderMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe PhotoshopMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe PreludeMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe Premier ProMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Adobe RushMS Windows 5--MS Windows 2, macOS 2
Advanced Design SystemMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Anaconda 3MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Android Studio 4.0MS Windows-AvailableChrome OS, Linux, macOS, MS Windows
ANSA BETAMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
ANSYS Fluids & Structures 2020 R1MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Any Video ConverterMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
ArduinoMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Argus Enterprise & DeveloperMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
AtomMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Audacity with LAME & FFMpegMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Autodesk AutoCAD 2021MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2021MS Windows*MS WindowsAvailable 
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2021MS Windows*MS WindowsAvailable-
Autodesk HSMWorks Ultimate 2021MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Autodesk Maya 2020MS Windows*MS WindowsAvailable-
Autodesk Revit 2021MS Windows*MS WindowsAvailable-
Axure RP 8MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
BlenderMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
BlueJMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Burli NewsRoomMS Windows 5-Available-
CadenceMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
CatiaMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Centre for Computational and Animal Learning ResearchMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Clinical SkillsMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Crystal BallMS Windows 5-Available-
CygwinMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
DatastreamMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Dragon Naturally SpeakingMS Windows 1---
Eclipse for C++MS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Eclipse for JavaMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
EditPlus 2MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Eikon (Thomson Reuters)MS Windows 6---
E-PrimeMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Etabs 2016MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Eviews 12MS Windows5MS WindowsAvailable-
ExploratoryMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
FilezillaMS Windows-AvailableAndroid, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, macOS, MS Windows
FMOD Studio & APIMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
G*PowerMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Gambit 15.1.1MS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
GanttProjectMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
GaussMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Gephi 0.9.2MS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
GIT 2.26.2MS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Google EarthMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Granta EduPackMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
GRETLMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Haskell PlatformMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
HotDocs Player 11MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Insurance Company SimMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
IrfanViewMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
IronPython 2.7.10MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
JASPMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
JAWSMS Windows 1---
Kaltura CaptureMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Land RegistryMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
LexMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
LTS Analyser v3.0MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
LusasMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
MagicDraw 18.5MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Maple 2019MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Maple 2020MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
MARIE & Datapath SimulatorsMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Matlab R2019aMS Windows*MS Windows*AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows (3)
Matlab R2020aMS Windows*MS Windows*AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows (3)
Mendeley DesktopMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Microsoft AccessMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Microsoft DynamicsMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Microsoft ExcelMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Microsoft PowerPointMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Microsoft Project 2013 ProMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Microsoft WordMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
MikTex 2.9MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
MindGenius 2019 EnterpriseMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
MindGenius 2020 EnterpriseMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Minitab 19MS Windows*MS Windows*AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
MorningstarMS Windows 5-Available-
National Instruments LabView 2020MS WindowsMS Windows--
NEPLAN V550MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
NetbeansMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
NetlogoMS Windows-AvailableAndroid, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, macOS,  MS Windows
Node.jsMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Notepad ++MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
NVDA 202.1MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Nvivo 12MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Oasys SuiteMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
OBS StudioMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
OpenRefineMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
OutWit HubMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Oxmetrics 8MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Oyez Legal FormsMS Windows 5-Available-
Palisade Decision Tools 8MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Peters 0.13MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
pgAdminMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Pointwise v18MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Poll EverywhereMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
PonzoMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
PowerFactory 14.1 (DIgSILENT)MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
PraatMS Windows-AvailableAndroid, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, macOS,  MS Windows
ProcessingMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Proteus 8.10 MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
PureDataMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
PuttyMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
PyCharm Community EditionMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Pycharm EDU 2019.1MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Python 3MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
R 3.5.1MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
R StudioMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
R with CopulaMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
RapidMiner StudioMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Read & Write 12MS Windows-Available-
RestimatorMS Windows 4-Available-
RevManMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
RStudioMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Sage 50 Accounts 2009MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
SAP2000 v18MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
SAPGUI 7.60MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Scientific Workplace 6MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
SibeliusMS Windows 5-Available-
SICStus PrologMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
SIMUL8MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
SimVenture 4.8MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Skype 7MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Slicer 3DMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Solidworks 2020 SP3MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Sonocent Audio NoteTakerMS Windows 1---
Spelling 1.0MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
SPSS & AMOS 26MS Windows*MS Windows*AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
SQL CLMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
SQL DeveloperMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
SQL Management StudioMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
STAAD.Pro V8i by BentleyMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
StarCCM and StarCDMS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Stata SE 15MS Windows*MS Windows*Available-
Stata SE 16MS Windows* 4MS Windows* 4Available-
SureTrak 3.0bMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Tableau DesktopMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Tableau PrepMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
TEST - Anaconda3MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
TexMakerMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
TeXnicCenter 2.0.2MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
TIBCO Spotfire SPlus 8.2.0MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Trimble ConnectMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Vensim PLE EducationMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Visual Paradigm 16.1MS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
Visual Studio CodeMS Windows-AvailableLinux, macOS, MS Windows
Visual Studio with UnityMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
VLCMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
VMware Horizon ClientMS Windows-AvailableAndroid, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, macOS, MS Windows
Windows Movie MakerMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
WireSharkMS Windows-AvailablemacOS, MS Windows
Wolfram CDF Player 12.0.0MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
Words 1.0MS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
XmingMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailableMS Windows
ZoomMS WindowsMS WindowsAvailable-
ZoomItMS Windows-AvailableMS Windows
ZoomTextMS Windows 1---