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With over 1,300 workstations, the computer rooms provide a valuable learning resource and give an opportunity for individuals to do coursework and projects. These are open to anyone who is eligible for a computing user account.

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PC Lab locations

Cass School Computer Rooms
College Building A217
College Building A220
College Building A307
College Building A308
College Building AG24a
Drysdale Building EG04
Drysdale Building EG05
Drysdale Building EG07
Drysdale Building EG12
Drysdale Building EG13
Drysdale Building EG14
Franklin Building R201
Health School Computer Rooms
Law School Computer Rooms
Library Northampton Square Level 3 B301
Library Northampton Square Level 2 B201
Library Northampton Square Level 4 B404
Library Northampton Square Level 6 B601
Parkes Building IG03
Rhind Building D518
Tait Building C301

Assistive Technology Rooms

Assistive Technology Rooms are available for students with ID cards set with swipe access permission and can be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per person per day.

Rooms are equipped with the following software: Dragon, JAWS, ZoomText, TextHelp and Inspiration.  A scanner is provided for use with the assistive software packages. For further information see our Guide to Library Services for Additional Needs.

Group Study Rooms

Library Services provide a variety of bookable Group Study Rooms for groups of four to twelve students to use for collaborative work. There are nine Group Study Rooms on Level 3 of Northampton Square Library.

  • Presentation pods are provided in rooms 3F, 3G, 3H, 3J, and 3K for the preparation of group presentations
  • Whiteboards are provided in rooms 3B, 3C, 3D and 3E for group discussion and seminar work. Whiteboard pens can be borrowed from the Library Service Desk on Level 2.  Please do not use any other writing utensils on the whiteboards
  • Maximum booking period of 2 hours per day.

The presentation pods provide:

  • Screen
  • Networked PC
  • USB port to plug in your own device

There is one Group Study Room at the Law School Library, Gray's Inn Place.  It is equipped with a whiteboard, a lectern and recording equipment for advocacy practice.