Where are the scanners located?

Scanners are integrated with the Managed Printers which are located across the campus. There are also standalone scanner which are located in the Service Centre. It has 4 scanners available which are located in the Service Centre: Room E101. There is also a scanner available to students at the West Smithfield site in computer suite 5a.

Who can scan?

All PCs connected to a scanner will require users to log on using their City username and password or by swiping their ID card.

What can you scan?

  1. Colour photographs
  2. Colour drawings and line art
  3. Greyscale drawings
  4. Black and white photographs
  5. Black and white drawings and line art
  6. Pages that have both images and text

How do I scan?

Click here (pdf) for the step by step instructions on how to scan in E101.

For scanning on the Managed Printer you will need to firstly swipe your swipe card and then select Device Functions. There will then be options that allow you to make copies and scan2email.