MFA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This extra security verification occurs when signing in using your IT account details. It consists of a combination of your username, password, and a mobile device or phone.

Two-factor verification is more secure than just a password because it relies on two forms of authentication:

  • Something you know, like your password.
  • Something you have, like a phone or other device that you carry.

Two-factor verification can help stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you. Even if they have your password, the odds are that they don't have your device too.

What if I need help with MFA?

What if I cannot access my mobile device?

If you have lost your phone or do not have access to your old phone number, call the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181. The team will be able to disable MFA on your account for a short period of time so that you can re-register with a new phone number. You should then open a browser and go to to re-configure your MFA options.

We recommend users add multiple verification methods to their account via, such as both the Authentication Mobile App and the SMS text option. This helps users avoid issues with changing mobile numbers.

What if I need to speak to someone?

You can phone the IT Service Desk and use the MFA support service provided by IT: 020 7040 8181