Wireless network

City provides a secure and pervasive wireless network available all across campus.

eduroam Wi-Fi is easy to configure and connect to and allows you to access the internet from your mobile device or personal laptop.

How do I connect to eduroam?

You should configure your mobile device or laptop as shown in the guides listed below:

Mobile devices


Frequently asked questions

What is eduroam?


eduroam is a service provided via Janet which enables students, researchers and staff to securely access the internet whilst visiting other participating institutions, using the username and login provided by their home organisation.

Where can I connect to eduroam?

eduroam is available in every building at City, University of London.

Jisc maintain a list of participating organisations, where you will also be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. Note that an institution must provide a ‘visited’ service for you to connect with your City user account.

Acceptable use policy

All users of eduroam must abide by the Janet acceptable use policy.