If you need to retake any of your exams, here's some helpful advice on what to do.

Published Monday, 6th August, 2018 in University news

So exams are over, summer is in full swing and you’ve received your results. Mostly, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with the rest of your summer. Sometimes this is not the case and you may have to deal with the prospect of re-sitting exams over the summer.

If you are in that position, this is for you! Follow these steps to help you overcome this hurdle.

  1. Contact your lecturer or subject tutor.

    Even if you already have an idea of where you may have gone wrong, speaking to the experts on the subject and who may have marked your work is the ideal way to start the process. There is no one better to provide tailored feedback, identify exactly what wrong, and tell you what you can do to get the grade you require.

  2. Re-evaluate your approach for future exams

    It is important to identify what has led to the current position and how it can be remedied for future exams. This could include whether you weren’t suited to, or did not enjoy one of your modules, or you perhaps had one too many late nights. It may also be that you need to find a revision style or technique that works for you!

    Head to the Student Hub to find guides on how to improve your study skills. It may also be worth considering booking an appointment with LeAD. LeAD can offer one-to-one sessions and help you identify areas to improve.

  3. Take advantage of all of the resources available.

    The fact that school is over doesn’t mean that all of the resources will be closed. All of City’s libraries are open throughout this period and you can find out the opening times here.

    SCONUL Access – Maybe you have gone back home over the summer and travelling into London is an option, consider SCONUL. The scheme offers library access to University Libraries throughout the UK, search for your closest campus and apply for access.

  4. Holidays are not over!

    City’s resits period are in mid-August, which means that if you put the work in now, you will still have more than a month of the summer before the new academic year starts. Take advantage of this and use it as motivation!

  5. Ask your course mates for help

    This might be the last thing you’ll want to do initially. But after the dust settles, it might be worth asking for help from those whom you know performed well in the exam. This could range from study tips to revision notes to books.

  6. Support and Counselling

    Finally, the Counselling Service offers exam support to students throughout the year. If you’re facing any issues, no matter how big or small, come and talk to us. Exams sessions are available whenever you feel like you need one and you can come on your own or with a friend.

    To arrange a time, please contact us on 020 7040 8094 or email coun@city.ac.uk or visit the Health Centre, Level 1, Drysdale Building, Northampton Square. We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.