Celebrate faith here at City.

Published Thursday, 15th November, 2018 in Faith

As part of the Inter Faith week (12th-16th November), City's Chaplaincy team have come up with fantastic opportunities to help our students understand faith better and, most importantly, bring everyone together.

On Thursday 15th November and Friday 16th, you have the chance to chat with a Chaplain about faith and religion from 12pm to 2pm, outside the City Faith Centre. You’ll even get a cookie for your inquisitiveness!

Later this month, on 28th November, you’ll have the chance to explore the skills and values that come with your faith during an employability workshop. Find out more about what employers appreciate in people from faith backgrounds and how to promote yourself by signing up here.

On Wednesday, the Prayers, Politics and Public Life event was organised at City, when well-known panelists coming from different backgrounds spoke to staff and students and religion and faith, debating current issues and instilling inspiration in the participants. Look out for more about the topics discussed at the event on the Student Hub.

Find out more about the Chaplaincy Team here.