There's lots of advice and support for completing exams and assessments online.

Published Monday, 4th May, 2020 in University news

Studying independently or at a distance can be an unfamiliar experience for many. Exams and assessment deadlines are also approaching. We have put together some tips and resources to help you become productive while studying independently, prepare for your assessments and exams, as well as make the most of our online learning resources during this time. To help you complete your assessments online, the Academic Learning Support (ALS) team have also put together this helpful guide.

Tips for studying  

  • Set goals and expectations to be achieved daily to keep yourself on track. This will also help you avoid procrastination and become more productive as you would have a clear idea on what needs to be done each day to meet a deadline.  You can also readjust your expectations as you may not be expected to ‘continue as normal’ at this time so it is also important to not be too hard on yourself.
  • Manage your time strategically – try to establish a schedule for studying and let people around you know when you are studying so they don’t disturb you.  Also, try to keep to your class schedule, and connect with other students so you encourage each other to do it. If you can, meet with some of your classmates online while you’re going through the material. Use the Pomodoro technique to manage your time into half hour sections and boost productivity.
  • Regularly check your emails and communication channels for updates to find out about your classes and important requirements for assessments that may be changed or updated according to your module leaders or tutors. Do regularly check your City email and Moodle forums! It is also advisable to maintain and increase connections with your tutors since all learnings and teachings have been moved online to update them with your progress and ask any question related to your studies.
  • Keep taking notes - Make notes here when reading books and articles to help you get an overview of the source and when you listen to the online lectures, you can pause videos and use timestamps to take note of key points. This can help you maintain focus on the important topics and areas that are needed for your assignments and exams.
  • Stay healthy – Maintaining your health and mental wellbeing is a priority, in particularly during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Take some breaks while studying or working, and use the study strategies that will make the best use of your time to avoid overworking and make sure you have enough rest. Regular exercises is also recommended.

Tips for preparing and doing online exams and assessments

  • Do practice tests - If you can, use practice tests to identify what you don’t know, or set them for other students. Use as many as you can and spread them out over the days.
  • Use active revision techniques - Focus on key topics from your lectures and readings and make interactive revision tools, such as mind maps and flashcards to make your learning more fun and engaging.
  • Develop the necessary skills – These may include critical thinking and writing, reading and research and any other course specific skills that you may need for your assessments and exams.
  • Ensure that your online learning tools and technologies are readily available to help you attend your classes and before you need to do your online exams or submit your assignments. These may include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Moodle. You can visit our guidance for using City’s online technologies here. You should also ensure that you have other materials, such as calculators, papers and pens available, should they are required.
  • Plan out your answers –  Think about the types and length of answers (e.g. short answer, essays, multiple choice) that your exam requires, and what topic areas to be covered in your answers. This will also help you complete your exam in time.
  • Keep track of time while completing an online exam - Although you may have 24 hours or longer for your online exams, you should still strategically manage your time to ensure that you finish on time. Make sure you have specified the start and end dates and time. Ensure that you also enough time to check and revise your answers or submissions.
  • Make sure to revise and check through your writings – If your assessment is essay-based, don’t forget to proof-read it and check your referencing to avoid plagiarism.

The Academic Learning Support (ALS) is here to support you throughout your studies at City: