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New Student Top Tips - Abhi's Story

Published Wednesday, 7th October, 2020 in University news

I joined uni in September 2019 as an International student from India. The first few days I visited some of my family living in Manchester and then came back to London. The first thing I did was buy a UK sim card and opened a bank account. I moved into my new ensuite room at Liberty House (now Arbour House). It was next to uni, maybe a 45 second walk and I was extremely happy about it because I could wake up a little later than usual and did not need to stress about being late to class.

buses at night

All my basic needs were fulfilled because everything was nearby and I could just walk down to buy whatever I needed. In Angel I bought food, bedding, some stationery and other little things that I needed including kitchenware and a laundry kit (Laundry bag, washing liquid pods etc.) What Angel didn't have was available on-line.

Transport was expensive but only when I used cabs. I use cabs during the night time when I am with a group of friends as it's cold outside but safe and warm inside the car. During the mornings and evenings, if I need to go to the store or visit some place, I usually take the tube, bus or walk which saves me money and adds to the London experience. I also bought a Student Railcard and Oyster card and downloaded apps like Unidays and Student Beans. I also got a tastecard free with my new Natwest bank account, all of this gives me major discounts on almost everything.

During the welcome week, I joined societies and made many friends at social events. Slowly as the days passed by, I made more friends through lectures or events and, like everyone, a few of us found comfort with each other and became a close group of friends. All of us have taken the same student accommodation (iQ City) for our second year starting in September 2020. My classes in the first year were not very packed except for a day or two, hence I spent an average of 2-3 hours in uni per day and the rest of the time, I would hang out with friends, go eat or shop and visit new places. Shopping in London never stopped for me: food, furniture, clothes, movies, sightseeing, travel, I did it all.

London Eye at Night

When it comes to cooking food for myself, I make sure that I buy enough for just 5 days because everything usually expires within a week.I also order in or go out to eat with friends. If I forget to buy something, I simply walk down to the corner store or buy it on my way back home. When you come to uni, do not bring your whole house with you. I brought many shoes with me and ended up buying a shoe rack. When you are in your new room make sure you keep it clean and tidy. Throw away things you do not use or leave them at home when you return. Buy cleaning products for your utensils, clothes and your washroom/bathroom/toilet.

London is very cold during winters and you will end up buying a coat or heavy woollens if you do not have them already. Overall, London is full of adventure, fun and you are going to enjoy it a lot. I have my own kitchen and washroom inside, so I do not need to share it with people. This year I have been ordering all my groceries online; my storage delivered as well. Almost everything that you need to buy can be done online so do not stress about going out again and again. Feel free to connect with me to talk about anything you wish.