City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 20 Jul 2021 3:23pm

Book a time slot to swap your current ID card, if you will be on campus before the end of October.

Published Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020 in University news

We’re introducing a new system to enter our buildings at City, which means you’ll be able to tap or swipe into all our buildings.

As part of this project, we will be issuing new ID cards to all students and staff to enter the buildings. Your new card will use the same photos and details as your current one.

If you are coming onto campus during the first term, please book a time slot to collect your new card. Current students will need to swap your current card for a new card.

New students can collect a card from 17th September ; returning students and staff can swap their cards from 28th September. All students need to have completed online registration to collect a card.

Please note that you are required to wear a face covering when attending to swap your card, unless you are exempt.

If you won’t be on campus during the first term, don’t worry, you will be able to swap your card later in the year. We’ll provide more information on where to swap it nearer the time.

Collecting your card during the first term

When you arrive at your booked time slot, please note that you are required to wear a face covering when attending to swap your card, unless you are exempt.

If you have any disabilities and require assistance to get your ID card, our staff who are printing the ID cards will be able to assist you.

  • Returning students: please bring your old ID cards, which you will need to swap for a new card. This will use the same photo as your current ID card.
  • New students: please bring a form of ID such as Driving Licence or Passport to verify your identity. You can find the forms of ID that will be accepted here. Your photo will be taken for the card. If you are religious and don’t wish to remove your veil, we will arrange for a screen to be in place to ensure privacy

Collecting your card after term one

We will have an extended time period throughout September and October for Students to collect their ID card. From November on-wards the team will work with Security on a clear process for students to get their ID cards.

Using your new ID card

You can use the new ID card to access all University buildings, including the Library. For returning students, this will be as per your previous access levels. Access will be dependent on which campus you will be based at. The ID card remains the property of City and it is required to be carried at all times whilst on the premises. Please see here for more details.

Replacing or amending a current ID card

Lost ID card If you have lost your current ID card, then you would need to buy a replacement card here and show the receipt of payment on your phone or as a print-out in order to get your new ID card.

Updating an I orange U18 ID card if you're now over 18: When you get a new ID, we can print you a new ID card for over 18s in exchange for your old orange ID card.

Extending expiry dates: We are printing cards based on the information on the Student Record system, if anything needs to be updated, please ensure this is done by your designated Course Officer before you book your card collection slot online.


  1. I am based at Grays Inn/Bunhill Row/Aldersgate -where do I need to go to get my card?

    The card distribution team are working with the Law and the Business school to find appropriate locations for card distribution. Specific room details will be given on the online booking system.

  2. My name is spelled incorrectly on my E:vision - would I need to have this corrected before I get my ID card?

    Yes. Any incorrect details should be reported to your designated Course Officer, this needs to be corrected before you book in to collect your cards.

  3. I can’t register yet as I am waiting for my student loan details/sponsorship/bursary etc. -can I still get a card?

    No, you need to complete online registration and be registered as a City student before being able to get your ID card.

  4. How will you ensure my safety when I come in to get my card?

    The card distribution team will be following the universities guidance on Covid-19. To ensure safety we will be implementing an online booking system for card collection to limit the amount of people in our collection rooms at one time. All card distribution staff will be supplied with face shields and masks, hand sanitiser stations will be set up across campus, antibacterial wipes will be provided and rooms will be cleaned regularly.

  5. Will there be people to direct me around the building? I have never been before.

    Please make use of our campus maps, Security/Reception staff will also be able to direct you.

  6. My classes are in the evenings/at the weekend. Will I be able to get my ID card then?

    Students will be able to get these cards from 10am-4pm, there will be an evening session arranged for Aldersgate, There will be no card distribution taking place on weekends.