Study Well is here to support you during the assessment period.

Published Thursday, 23rd December, 2021 in University news

City Students’ Union are running a series of events and activities to help you prepare for assessments while supporting your physical and mental wellbeing under their Study Well Campaign and it’s not too late to get involved.

The campaign, which runs from 29th November 2021 until March 2022, gives all students an opportunity to relax while the first term is coming to an end and start the new year feeling refreshed and ready for exams:

  • A twice a week Breakfast Club – here, students are welcomed to enjoy a range of healthy breakfast items while having a chat with the Students’ Union.
  • Collaborating with CitySport to provide 5 spaces for Desk Correction Yoga– the benefits of which can include posture correction, improving breathing techniques and relieve the stress and tension across the shoulders.
  • Providing Relaxation Rooms with colouring books, arts and crafts to help you with relaxation when you want a break from your revision.
  • Taking part in DIY Bathbomb Lab where you can choose from a selection of scents and designs and take home your spa-time goods as a gift or to enjoy a relaxing colourful bath!

All Study Well events and activities are free. To find all upcoming events and sign-up head over to the What's On page. You can also visit the Study Well webpage which hosts resources and information to keep you motivated through your assessments and to support your academic performance and your overall wellbeing.