Access over 13,000 professional courses, developed by industry experts for free.

Published Monday, 28th June, 2021 in University news

In response to requests for training to enhance your digital and other employability skills City is pleased to offer all students unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning.

The recent Student Digital Experience Insight Survey revealed that 46% of students who took the survey use online videos and resources to help with their learning. This free online resource can help you broaden your knowledge and enhance your academic, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

You have access to over 13,000 professional courses, all developed by industry experts. This is a great way to enhance your CV and stand out from the crowd when you are looking for work and work experience.

  • Improve employability skills.
  • Earn certificates of course completion.
  • Download content to watch offline using the app on your mobile device.

Logging in

You can sign into LinkedIn Learning with your City email address.

Should I connect with my LinkedIn Profile?

When first logging in, LinkedIn Learning offers you the opportunity to link your profile to your personal LinkedIn account. Benefits of connecting your account include relevant courses appearing in your feed, personalised learning based on your profile and others in your industry, easy access to LinkedIn Learning from, and Q&A and social learning functionality whilst watching videos.

If you choose not to connect to your personal LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Learning will not ask you to again, but you can go into settings at a later date to link to your account if you wish to.

How do I use LinkedIn Learning?

You can choose to learn something by following a full course or “playlist” or you can simply select specific content to learn. With the app, you can download content and learn on the go. Courses often come with extra resources in order to help you continue your learning. Tutorials are subtitled and include exercise files. On-screen controls mean you decide the pace of your learning.  The LinkedIn Learning app is available both on iPhone and Android.

Can LinkedIn Learning be used by graduates?

Yes, LinkedIn Learning is available to students for 3 months after they’ve graduated and if you connect your LinkedIn profile you can keep a record of any courses completed.

Q&As: student user testimony

  1. Q: How might LinkedIn learning be used by students struggling with the learn from home model they are facing these days?

    A: The LinkedIn Learning platform provides accommodations that allow students to learn both technical and non-technical skills at their own pace. In addition to bite size courses which are easily digestible, the platform also provides learning paths which are a curation of similar courses that can help students dive deeper into topics they care about.
    Courses have exercise files that allow students to not only learn passively but actively putting what they learn into practice. Finally, the courses have a Q&A section that allows students to interact not only directly with the instructors of the courses but also the broader learning community at large.

  2. Q: What advice do you have for new students for using LinkedIn Learning?

    A: A lot of the instructors of courses are really nice so don't hesitate to reach out to the instructors if you have particular questions about the field. Have an accountability partner who can help you keep motivated while you study online especially during these times because learning is usually fun when done in a group.

  3. Q: What skills do you see most in demand in today's job climate?

    A: I think an understanding of the importance of data is useful across all industries. But I think the skill of being able to learn and take up new skills is important because of how fast changing the climate is.

Privacy and LinkedIn Learning

Download the Trust and Privacy Guide for more information about your privacy when using LinkedIn Learning.