Find out about our progress so far as we apply for a Race Equality Charter award.

Published Wednesday, 17th November, 2021 in University news

As part of our EDI agenda, we are currently applying for Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) Bronze Award. Our application demonstrates our commitments to REC’s aim to improve representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education and its guiding principles to achieve these.

The work is being led by a Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (RECSAT), which includes staff from across the University and Students’ Union. You can find out more about the team and why they’ve chosen to be involved, here.

Having analysed data and gathered views from our students and staff, we’re now developing our application and action plan, and over the coming months, we’ll keep you updated on the work we’re doing with our ‘Road to REC’ campaign.

The key priority areas and themes which are at the heart of our action plan are:

1. Facilitating organisational change which progresses race equality at City through structures, governance and leadership.

2. Promoting an anti-racist culture and raise awareness.

3. Holistically supporting BAME students.

4.Improving BAME student experiences through leadership, teaching & learning, employability and outreach.

5. Improving support for BAME staff experiences through recruitment, selection, progression and retention.

Look out for further information about our application and action plan soon.