Find out what the University and Students' Union have been doing for BHM 2021 and what's to come.

Published Friday, 22nd October, 2021 in University news

October marks Black History Month. This year's theme is 'Proud to be', inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events and invites Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are proud to be whether that's Proud to be Black, Proud to be Brown, Proud to be Black and LGBTQ+ or Proud to be Me.

Throughout this month, the University will be sharing information and resources for how you can learn more and get involved.

What the University and Students’ Union have been doing

The Library has set up a BHM book and information display featured on Level 5 of Northampton Square Library. You can also find photos and information on the Library's social media. You can also find an e-book carousel in their blog post which also features general information, resources and activities.

On Friday 15th October, City’s African-Caribbean Society in collaboration with the Students’ Union held an exhibition in the Pavilion showcasing the diverse talent of the University’s Black students. The exhibition featured paintings, artwork and clothing which were accompanied by short biographies of the students who made them.

Along the L1 Walkway in University Buidling, the Students’ Union has placed stickers marking key dates and events in Black History along with spotlighting notable people who you not know about on their social media.

What’s coming up at the University and Students’ Union

The SU have various events taking place across the rest of the month including George the Poet Live and How to Decolonise the Curriculum, all of which you can find on the SU website.

SASS is leading an eventing on Narrative of Black Empowerment, Black Experiences and Black Joy on Wednesday 27th October, 5-6pm. Whilst focused on students from the School, all City students are welcome to join. The event will share findings from the Decolonising SASS Survey, feature inspirational Black speakers from SASS and City more widely, celebrating Black empowerment, experiences and joy in journalism, mental health and Higher Education.

Kira Richards - 2nd year journalism student and leader of City’s African Caribbean Journalism Network will be talking about diversifying and platforming black voices in journalism

Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena - Counselling Psychologist and Lecturer on the DPsych Counselling Psychology programme in SASS, will be speaking about celebrating Black mental health and wellbeing.

Natasha Mutch-Vidal - Senior EDI Officer (Race Equality) at City, will be talking about re-imagining higher education through Black joy.

Contact Diana Yeh for the Zoom link details.

The Network for Racial Justice (NRJ) presents Black History Month Unfiltered: Let’s Talk Black Mental Health. The one-hour panel will be a live and interactive recording of the fourth episode of the NRJ Podcast. Hosted by Journalism Senior Lecturer, Coral James O’Connor, NRJ members Michelle-Louise Yembra, Nadja Abia, Dr Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena and Natasha Mutch-Vidal offer their insights into the key issues concerning black staff and students with regards to mental health.

The event will take place on Wednesday 27th October, 12.15-2pm in B200 in-person and also online via Zoom. Register your attendance for the event and to select how you will be attending here.