Find out how you can spend the Easter bank holiday weekend, whilst the majority of the University will be closed.

Published Thursday, 14th April, 2022 in University news

With the Easter weekend ahead of us, the UK is set to have a four-day weekend with Good Friday (Friday 15 April) and Easter Monday (Monday 18 April) being bank holidays.

Friday 15 April also marks the end of Spring term teaching and main student activity for most courses here at City. Students will be on Spring holidays (staff and services will still be operating as normal) until Friday 13 May when the Summer term will begin with assessments or teaching (and related assessments).

If you are in London during the bank holiday weekend, there are lots of things you can do and sites such as Visit London and TimeOut are great for inspiration whether Easter related or not.

Some suggestions including from the above can be:

Please be aware during the Easter weekend that the University will be closed from Friday 15 April – Monday 18 April. During this period students won’t be able to access City support services, however, external support (e.g Togetherall, Blackbullion, other organisations) can still be accessed. The Northampton Square Library will remain open throughout the weekend (you can find detailed information on the City's libraries on their webpage). The University will reopen on Tuesday 19 April, where City support services will resume running again.