As a new term of teaching begins, City is welcoming students back with a number of pop-ups from Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd February in the Pavilion.

Published Wednesday, 26th January, 2022 in University news

Welcome back to campus!

Whether you are new to City or returning for a new term, we hope that you settle in well and are happy to be here. The University and Students' Union have organised some pop-ups in the Pavilion from Tuesday 1st Feb – Thursday 3rd February to introduce and highlight some of the teams and services that are available to you.

Tuesday 1st February, 11am – 2pm – Your Students' Union

Staff from each deparment in the SU including the Engagement Team, Advice Services and Sabbatical Officers, as well as society leaders, will be there to talk to you about what they offer, what they do and what campaigns they are currently working on. This is great to join new societies and expand your network at City in case you are new on campus, so make sure you don't miss out.

Wednesday 2nd February, 11am – 2pm – Your Student Support Services

They are here to support you with information, advice and guidance that may be separate from your studies and the teams that will be available that day are – Accommodation, Chaplaincy, Disability, International Student Advice, Neurodiversity, Student Advice, Student Funding, Student Health.

Examples of who these Support Services cater to and how they can support you include:

Neurodiversity team – Offers confidential advice, investigation and support for Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs), including dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD/ADD. Come and talk to us to find out more about..

  • Advice and information about SpLDs
  • SpLD screenings
  • One to one specialist study skills sessions
  • Reasonable adjustments including exam arrangements

Disability team – Offers confidential, individualised support for students with physical health and sensory disabilities, autistic spectrum conditions and long-term health conditions. Come and talk to us to find out more about..

  • Reasonable adjustments including exam arrangements
  • Advice about accommodation, Disabled Students Allowances, etc.
  • Advice about university processes including extenuating circumstances

Thursday 3rd February, 11am – 2pm – Your Wellbeing

If you feel healthy and content within yourself and the environment that you live in, then you are far more likely to perform to the best of your academic ability. Come and meet the teams – Chaplaincy, CitySport, City Buddies, SCMHS and find out ways to support your wellbeing:

CitySport – being active has shown to have positive effects on wellbeing and can be a great downtime when looking for a break from studying. CitySport is home to our gym and University sports teams. They'll also be running the following activities on their stall:

  • A hand/eye coordination interactive activity
  • A 1 minute timed stationary cycling challenge

City Buddies – will be recruiting mentors to support new students later this year - applications to become a CityBuddy mentor will open on Tuesday 1st February here.

Counselling – provides a safe place to talk and think about matters that have been troubling or distressing you over a significant period of time.  We have experience of working with a diverse range of students and appreciate that the challenge of studying at university can be made more difficult by past or current personal and academic experiences and circumstances.

The Mental Health Team – can support youwith diagnosed mental health conditions.  We can help you to manage your condition alongside your studies and recommend reasonable adjustments to reduce barriers to your success.