City's Employability Development Plan is enhancing the skills and opportunities undergraduate students need to achieve the future career you want.

Published Wednesday, 4th May, 2022 in University news

City recognises how important it is for you to develop your employability as part of your studies. Whether you’re a UK or international student, understanding your career options, developing skills and gaining real world professional experience through your studies makes you an attractive candidate to employers when you enter the job market.

City have been embarking upon an ambitious strategy to embed employability in all undergraduate programmes. As such, new professional experience modules you can take as part of your degree have been created and all undergraduate programmes now include a career focus module to help you prepare for the application process when you’re seeking graduate employment.

Embedded professional experience

Gaining professional experience in your spare time can be tricky so City has a wide range of credit bearing professional experience modules for you to gain valuable professional experience as part of your studies and have been designed to be unique to your subject and career options.

Most programmes have a choice of professional experience modules which enable you to choose a format which is relevant to your future career at a time and in a way that suits you. These vary across programmes, but can include MicroPlacements, industry-led consultancy projects, summer internships, volunteering and mentoring and coaching.

Embedded career education

Your module has been designed to be unique to your subject and your career options. In recognition that being prepared for your future is important for all students to succeed, this module is a core part of all undergradaute programmes.

For more details please speak to your course office.