IT equipment vouchers are available if you need help with buying a calculator

Published Friday, 11th August, 2023 in University news

If you have assessments coming up in August, you need to make sure the equipment you bring with you is allowed.

Only the following eleven non-programmable calculators are allowed in exams:

  • Sharp EL-531TS
  • Sharp EL-531TH
  • Sharp EL-531TG
  • Casio FX-83 GTX (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-85 GTX (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-83 GT+ (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-85 GT+ (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-83 MS (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-85 MS (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-83 ES (discontinued)
  • Casio FX-85 ES (discontinued)

If you're finding it hard financially to buy one of these calculators, you can access IT equipment vouchers by speaking to the Student Adviser team as part of the University's Cost of Living support.