5th Essay Competition for Bayes BSc and MSc Students

Published Thursday, 11th May, 2023 in Opportunities

In its fifth year, the 2023 Bayes Student Essay competition asked #What’sNext?

At an international school in London, Bayes students meet classmates from all over the world, navigating different cultures and settings and learning to live away from home.

We asked our students what their future will look like, how are they plannng for it, what are their hopes and challenges. And around that all, how does the multicultural experience at Bayes weigh into that.

Nearly 40 essays were submitted this year from Bayes undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our review panel was:

  • Malla Pratt - Director of Racial Equity and Inclusion
  • Amy Ripley – Chief of Staff
  • Rich Payne – Vice Dean
  • Dilip Parmar – Learning Support Officer.


Cresida Rodrigues (First winner)

Cresida Rodrigues

“I am no longer terrified of 'what's next?' as I am equipped with the skills necessary to navigate a diverse and complex environment. I no longer feel stuck and defeated but confident enough and invigorated to take on the next challenge. In conclusion, even though 'the future may not be ours to see', I firmly believe there's always a way forward”

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Alexandra Iana (Second Winner)

Alexandra Iana

“As life itself, nothing can always stay the same. But that is what makes it extraordinary, the chance to reinvent yourself each and every day"

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John Efstathiadis (Third Winner)

John Efstathiadis

“it is not the victory that matters. It is all the things that each and one of us learned from each other. From the tiniest detail, to the most meaningful lessons - mutual respect, commitment and dedication, virtue.”

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Imogen Hennell (Special Mention)

“It is not the pain I am in, or even the fear of dying, it is the loss of all the things I wanted to do that gets to me. As I lie here, I think about the things I could have done differently, the things I could have said. But it's too late now”

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Merryl Assamoi

Merryl Assamoi

“…one’s future is not given by a straightforward formula, nor it is set in stone. So, it is okay to change your mind, it is okay to make mistakes, and it is also okay not to know what to do next...”

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Joshua Baker

Joshua Baker

“I hope you can now view change in a new light as a necessity to drive personal development, despite the initial hurdles

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Er-Hao Mei

Er-Hao Mei

“Decisions will lead me to an unknown future, but these all together eventually fabricate my unique story. Therefore, everything is uncertain, but everything is possible”

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Andrea Rizzola

Andrea Rizzola

“As I think about the future, I also feel a sense of responsibility to use my education and experiences to make a positive impact in the world.”

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Anshika Saddi

Anishka Saddi

"My future? Isn’t this the future? A future I hadn’t imagined, even though it was expected all along"

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Yau-Ivan Wan

Ivan Yau

“Starting today, I will incorporate #Whatsnext into my social media post to memorize my wonderful transformation experience”

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