Bike bay user form

Register your details with the Security Office to use our bike sheds.

The Bike Shed is located in the area between University Building and Drysdale Building. You must access the shed from Northampton Square via the underpass adjacent to the Main Entrance. Once there you must swipe your City ID to get through the black gate.

Although the shed is in a non-public area, there will always be a risk of theft. Users are advised to secure their bicycle with a strong locking device, note the cycle frame or serial number, mark with their home post code and to insure the bicycle on their personal possession or home contents insurance.

This facility is provided for you only, please do not allow anyone else to enter with you. Also you must close the doors, ensuring they are held on the magnets, when you leave.

Please note City, University of London provides welfare facilities for Staff/Students at their own risk and without accepting any liability for damage to, or theft of personal items on Campus, which includes bicycles left in bicycle bays.

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the above.