Module evaluation at City

To help us understand more about your experience on your modules, City has an online module evaluation system, which replaces the previous paper-based system and has been developed in partnership with academic and professional staff in your Schools.

Module evaluation surveys are one of the formal ways we gather your feedback to improve the student experience for you and future students.

Module evaluation surveys take place towards the end of every taught module in the University and give you an opportunity to reflect on your experience of the module and contribute your thoughts on what worked well and where enhancements could be considered for the future.

We encourage you to complete your surveys once they’re available and we will provide you with a detailed response, and associated actions, soon after the survey closes.

How to complete module evaluation surveys

Since 2021, most module evaluations at City have moved online. This allows you to provide feedback on your modules in an accessible format, whether you are on or off campus. It also enables us to process results and respond to your comments more quickly.

When a module evaluation becomes available (usually teaching week 9 of each term), you will receive an e-mail from The evaluation will also appear in your MyMoodle pages. You can access  all open module evaluation surveys in the Student Survey Portal at any time. You can also access the Student Survey Portal by using the QR code:

QR code

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. You will be able to rate some statements and be invited to write comments on your views about aspects of the module.

The topics covered in questions are:

  • Teaching - has this helped your understanding of the subject, and was it delivered at the right pace?
  • Academic support - have you received the right information to help you do well on the module?
  • Learning resources - how effectively have these supported your learning?
  • Student voice - have you been able to express your views about the module?
  • Module delivery - have you experienced any barriers to learning on the module? Do you feel represented?
  • The module overall - for instance, the module content and organisation. What did you enjoy most? What could be improved?

You can find further information about module evaluations in our frequently asked questions and answers below.

Providing constructive feedback

We really value your views at City and would encourage you to provide constructive feedback about your modules.

Helpful comments and ideas from students are fed into planning our programmes and help to make real changes that benefit you and future students following in your footsteps.

By reflecting on your own learning experience and evaluating each module you will also increase your understanding of your own learning style, your priorities as a learner and how your response to different teaching styles.

If it was an excellent, engaging module, please let your lecturers know what you enjoyed most.

If the module hasn't met your expectations, explain how things could be improved. When giving feedback to academic staff, think about your own experiences of receiving feedback on your own work. Reflect on your full experience and provide constructive suggestions for future change.

Please make sure any comments remain polite and constructive and ensure you don’t write anything which is abusive or defamatory.

How the University will use your feedback

The feedback you provide us will be used in a number of ways including:

  • To inform planning of future programmes and modules
  • To identify good practice, which can be used as an example for improvements in teaching and learning
  • To highlight any issues that students want to raise about their modules

The results will be shared with staff within Schools and will be considered at relevant committees to help develop action plans where needed.  You will also receive information about the survey results and they can be discussed at Staff-Student Liaison Committees.

FAQs for students

When and how often are the evaluations run?

Each module will be evaluated once. This will normally be during  teaching week 9 of each term, Research suggests that the most reliable results are obtained if modules are evaluated before any final exams, so we will aim to share all evaluations before your final exams.

Are the evaluations anonymous?

As long as you don’t write anything in the open questions that makes you identifiable, no one in the Programme team will know who gave which answers.

Centrally, the system can track who has responded so that reminders are only sent to those who haven’t completed it yet. This also enables the University to analyse the data together with background information. The results of these analyses will be presented in a way that does not identify any individual.

However, the University reserves the right to identify a respondent under certain circumstances, i.e., suspected breaches of the law or University policies and regulations or a threat to student welfare.

If I comment about something, how soon can I expect to see changes?

This will depend on what you have commented about - some things can be changed quickly, while others will take some time. Often, any module-specific changes are in practice more likely to be of benefit to future students. More general changes may benefit you on your future modules.

Sometimes there are good reasons why lecturers and/or the University do things in the current way, so it is not always be possible to change things in response to student views (and all students may not agree with each other about what needs to be changed). There will be opportunities for student representatives and staff to discuss the results of the evaluations (e.g., at Staff/Student Liaison Committees or Programme committees), so that students can get a clearer picture of what changes can be made in response to their views.

Your Module Leader will update you on changes made as a result of your feedback.

Can I see the results?

When the evaluation closes, students who have responded will receive an e-mail which allows them to look at the results for the module on line. (In order to preserve anonymity, it is not be possible to display results if there were fewer than 5 complete respondents).

What should I do if I filled out the questionnaire about the wrong module?

The University is aware this will happen from time to time and it is taken into account when analysing the results.

How do I know that my module leader has looked at the results?

Module Leaders will have access to surveys and the results for the module via a bespoke portal and will be asked to comment on the results and share a response with you.

Do I have to fill out the evaluations?

The evaluations are not compulsory, but the University would be very grateful if you would take part. Each evaluation takes only a few minutes to do and will help the University improve the student experience for you and other current and future students.

Where will the information be held?

The information is held securely by the University in accordance with data protection legislation and destroyed when no longer needed.

If you have:

  • problems accessing the questionnaire
  • received an evaluation for a module that you didn’t take
  • not received an evaluation for a module you took, and all your classmates have received it

- please contact your Course Officer.