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Last updated: 23 Jun 2020 5:42pm

Biometric Residence Permits

From March 2015, the Home Office (UK Visas & Immigration) have introduced a new procedure requiring anyone applying for a UK visa from overseas which will be valid for longer than 6 months, to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within 10 days of arriving in the UK. This includes Tier 4 student visas.

Tier 4 students who make their visa application overseas will receive a temporary travel visa (vignette) in their passport. This temporary travel visa is valid for 30 days (prior to the course start date which was on your CAS). You are required to collect your BRP (which will be your Tier 4 visa valid for the duration of your course) within 10 days of arriving in the UK.

Where you collect your BRP from will depend on information you insert on your Tier 4 application form. This will either be a designated Post Office or at City.

Questions and answers about Biometric Residence Permits (BRP)

How do I ensure City receives my BRP?

On your Tier 4 application form, when you get to the BRP collection page you need to insert a specific code into the 'Alternative Location' field. The specific code is stated on the CAS email that you have received. Dependant applicants can also use this code in their application.

When City receives your BRP card, we will email you to confirm it has been received and informing you of how and where you can collect it

Where will my BRP go if I made my Tier 4 application but did not use an Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code?

If you did not use the specific ACL code, your BRP will be sent to a designated Post Office. When the Home Office have processed your Tier 4 application, they will write to you with the outcome of your application and this letter will contain details of the Post Office where you will need to collect your BRP. Further information about Post Office locations and opening times.

You will need to make arrangements to collect this yourself, within 10 days of your arrival in the UK. You will need to take your original passport and Home Office letter with you to collect this. It is expected that there will be long queuing times at Post Offices so please ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time to do this and that you bring everything you need with you.

You will then need to bring your original BRP and passport to in-person registration where you will be permitted to fully enrol.

You will not be permitted to enrol until you have collected your BRP

Where can I collect my BRP from?

If you have included the ACL code in your application your BRP will be sorted, checked and scanned by staff at City and you will then be emailed to confirm that your BRP card is ready and that you can collect it at in-person registration.

I am arriving before registration, can I collect my BRP?

We have made arrangements to ensure that if your BRP is ready before the registration period you can collect this from City. We will contact you as soon as your BRP is ready so that you can do this.

Can I attend in-person registration if my BRP isn’t ready?

We will not be able to register students without their BRP so in order to avoid excessive queuing times we request that students do not attend in-person registration until they have either received an email from us confirming that their BRP is ready for collection or they have collected their BRP from a Post Office.

Will I have to attend a separate registration session after collecting my BRP?

If you collect your BRP during the main registration period you will be able to collect your BRP and register at the same time.

What if I do not collect my BRP within 10 days of arriving in the UK?

Failure to collect your BRP within 10 days of your arrival may result in you receiving a fine or cancellation/curtailment of your visa.

Can my dependants BRPs be sent to City too?

Yes, we are also receiving BRP for dependants. In order for us to ensure your dependants cards are stored with yours, please email with your full details and the names and birth dates of your dependants.