FAQs about registration

All new and returning students of City, University of London are required to register for their course each year.

Registration is the official process to enrol as a student on your chosen course, and consists of five stages (all of which must be completed).

  • Stage One: Online Registration
  • Stage Two: Upload your ID documents
  • Stage Three: Activate your IT account
  • Stage Four: Have your ID verified
  • Stage Five: Collect your student ID card (on-campus study only)

The below FAQs are designed to help you through these stages:

Online Registration

What is Online Registration?

Online Registration is a service which allows you to register, amend your details and pay your fees online through a series of simple screens  . This is the first stage to completing your registration at City, University of London.

I have not received my registration email. When should I expect it?

All new students holding an unconditional offer for their course, should receive their invitation to register email by Friday 2 September 2022 . It will be sent to the email address which you used when you applied for the course. Please check there and if you haven’t received yours, please email registration@city.ac.uk .

We expect invitations to be sent to postgraduate students holding an unconditional offer from the week comencing Monday 15 August 2022 onwards.

We expect invitations to be sent to undergraduate students holding an unconditional offer from the week commencing Monday 22 August 2022 onwards.

If someone you know has received their invite to register before you, this is normal and you should still receive yours by Friday 2 September 2022.

I am having problems completing registration, will I still be able to start my course?

Please let your Course Office know. It is always better to keep them informed so they can inform the central Registration Team of any students who are having difficulties.

If you are having any issues, or would just prefer to submit your ID documents in-person, you can attend one of our drop-in sessions instead:

12th - 30th September 2022, 10am to 4pm, Room D220, Rhind Building

We will be running in-person sessions to assist students through the registration and ID check process daily. If you are seeking assistance with your ID check then you should ensure that you bring your documentation with you.
If you are an International Student, then please review the International Student guidance pages.

What if I don't complete registration within three weeks of the start of my course?

Failing to register within three weeks of the start of your course will lead to your IT account being suspended, and may lead to your eventual de-registration from City, so it is important that you complete your registration on time.

Please note that if you are an international students sponsored on a Student Visa, your CAS sponsorship will be withdrawn and reported to the Home Office.

Financial issues

I have applied for a Student Loan with my Local Education Authority, but the Online Registration system doesn't show a record of it when I try to pay my fees. What should I do?

Please click on the Amend Loan button and enter the amount of tuition fee loan you have applied for. If you have any difficulties, please contact Student Records at registration@city.ac.uk .

The Student Loan details that the system shows are different to what I was expecting. What do I do now?

Please click on the Amend Loan button and enter the amount of tuition fee loan that you have applied for. If you have any difficulties, please contact Student Records at registration@city.ac.uk .

I applied for Student Finance funding at a different institution and need to transfer to City – what do I do? (Transferring your loan)

If you have applied for funding at another institution and are intending to transfer your loan to City, University of London then you will need to switch your loan arrangements to us. This is a straightforward process, and you should be able to submit a transfer via your online Student Finance England account on the Gov.uk student finance website.

You will need to transfer your loan arrangements no later than the start date of your course. However, we suggest that you do so as soon as possible to ensure that your loan arrangements are set-up prior to the start of your course and to give Student Finance England sufficient time to process the transfer. If you are unable to transfer your loan arrangements by the deadline then the University can do this for you - please complete the below form:

Transfer student loan

It is important that we are made aware of this so that we can contact Student Finance to assist you.

Once your loan has been transferred to City, you will receive a change of entitlement notification from Student Finance England which will show that your loan has moved to us.

Please note: It will take longer for the University to process your transfer, and this may lead to delays in receiving your maintenance loan, so we suggest that you submit the transfer yourself.

If you are based in a different part of the UK then different rules apply, so we suggest contacting the relevant loan provider below:

I have not yet applied for my Student  Loan, what should I do?

You can pay the fees yourself and be refunded later if your tuition fee loan is approved.

I have applied for a Career Development Loan from my bank - has it been paid to City yet?

Career Development Loan payments are only paid to City, University of London once you have registered for your course. To be able to complete Stage One: Online Registration, without making a payment upfront, please forward a copy of your Career Development Loan approval letter to registration-finance@city.ac.uk . We will then process your form and let you know when you can login and complete your registration. For more information, please see your registration invitation or City’s website.

I’ve been sponsored for my tuition fees. What do I do?

If you have been sponsored, you must provide us with your sponsorship details by sending a sponsorship form or your sponsorship agreement to income@city.ac.uk , before you can complete Online Registration. Once submitted, we will advise you when the details have been processed so you can continue and complete your registration. Once you have fully-completed the registration process, an invoice will be sent to your sponsor for payment.

I made my payment by bank transfer. Does that mean I have finished Online Registration?

No. Please check log back into back into the registration portal after about 5 days to check that your payment has gone through. If this has been received by City, it will be reflected under 'Deposit and paid already' section. If it is not reflected, please allow a few days for the payment to arrive at our bank and then login again.

You will then be able to finish the Online Registration process and you will be sent the link to upload your ID documents.

Login Issues

Can I change my login ID or password?

Your login ID is system-generated and cannot be amended; however, you may change your password, after you have created it, by visiting the registration portal.

I've forgotten my password - what do I do now?

Please visit the registration portal.

ID documents and ID Checks

I haven't completed Online Registration yet. Can I upload my ID/ finalise my registration?

No, you must complete Online Registration first before you can upload your ID and finalise your registration.

Can I upload my ID documents and have them checked without paying my fees?

No. You will need to complete Stage One: Online Registration , which includes paying the first instalment of your fees, before moving on to the next stage of the registration process. You cannot complete registration until you complete every stage (in order).

On the e:Vision portal, it comes up as ‘incomplete registration’; however, I have completed Online Registration and uploaded my ID documents. What do I do?

This is likely to be because Stage Four ID verification has not yet been completed. Once your ID is verified by the Registration Team, it will change to say you have completed registration and you will receive an email to confirm the change in your status.

When will my ID check be done?

We have courses starting at different times throughout September and so are undertaking ID checks in the order that courses start. This is to ensure that all students are fully registered and able to book to collect IDs cards by the time they need to attend their classes.

We aim to start online ID checks for all British and Irish students two weeks before the start of their classes and will commence with ID checks for all students from 12 September 2022  onwards.

If you are international student, you have to complete in person registration to be formally admitted as a student to City and you will be invited to book a slot for the check to take place.

I have Indefinite Leave to Remain and paying home fees. Am I seen as international student?

Yes. If you are new student, you will be asked to bring your passport and BRP confirming your status to in person registration so that your documents can be verified.

I am an EU students with Pre/Settled Status. What documents do I need to bring in?

Please upload your shared code on e:Vision system and bring in your passport when you come in to complete your in person registration.

Please make sure you have your relevant SHARE CODE ready when you come to complete your registration.

A share code can be obtained from www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status you need to state the reason as "something else" rather than prove right to work or rent. If either of the latter is chosen, we will be unable to verify your status.

For international students, is a BRP needed in order to complete stage 2 registration, or is a Leave to Enter visa sufficient?

Please collect your BRP card first from the Post Office before you book your slot for in person ID verification.

If you have further queries please contact the Visa Compliance team: VisaCompliance@City.ac.uk who will be able to advise on your specific situation.

If we were asked to complete a DBS, when is the latest we can complete it by?

Please contact your School to check as it will be different for each course.

ID Cards

When do new students need to collect their ID card?

If you are a UK or Irish student, once your ID documents have been verified, you will receive the email asking you to book a slot to collect your ID card. Please book a slot as soon as you receive this, as it will be much easier to get around campus once you have your ID card. We will have slots available until 30 September 2022; if you are collecting your ID card after that date, look out for additional student communications about where to go to collect it.

If you are an international student, you can collect your ID card at the point of in person ID verification.

Do we get our pictures taken for our ID cards?

Yes, you will have your photo taken for your ID card. If you need a private space to have your photo taken by one of our team, please let one of the Student Ambassadors know when you come for your timed slot.

Modules and Timetables

Will we get a personal timetable?

Yes. Please contact your Course Officer to confirm when you will receive your personalised timetable.

When will the module enrolment happen?

Once you complete Online Registration, the email you receive will ask you to activate your IT account as well as upload your ID documents. By activating your account, it will add the modules to your virtual learning environment (Moodle).

Please contact your Course Officer in your School with any questions around module enrolment as they will be able to advise on your specific situation.