City, University of London guidance on student attendance and absence.


Attendance at lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical classes is an integral part of a student's course and students are expected to be regular and punctual in their attendance. Specific attendance requirements are set out in the handbook for each course. Attendance will be monitored selectively, and any student found to be absent without permission will be required to meet his or her tutor to explain the absence.

Persistent absence without good cause will lead to an interview with the head of department and may lead to a decision that the student has dropped out of the course and should be withdrawn by the Registry.

Students in the School of Health Sciences should follow the procedure set out in their student handbook.

If you are thinking of leaving your course

If you are thinking of withdrawing from City, either permanently or temporarily, you should consult your personal tutor immediately.

If you decide to withdraw from your course you should inform your department of your withdrawal in writing. Failure to do this may jeopardise your right to receive any future funding from your sponsoring authority.

If you are thinking of changing course

If you are considering transferring to another course at City you should discuss your plans with your tutor or other designated person within your department.

Applications can only be considered at the discretion of the relevant head(s) of department and subject to places being available. You should be aware that applications to change a course are not always agreed.