Count me in attendance monitoring

Count me in is being piloted during 2018/19 and aims to make the process of attendance more straightforward for students and lecturers alike.

If you are a first year undergraduate Law or Music student, you’ll be part of Count me in for 2018/19.

You will also have your very own personalised timetable, which only shows the academic activity you have to attend. Login to see your personalised timetable and sync it to your calendar of choice.

All you need to do is tap your Count me in card on the reader when you arrive at your timetabled activities, and your attendance will be registered.

We believe that engaging well in your studies helps you to succeed and develop to your best potential. You will most benefit by attending your classes regularly, taking advantage of the learning, teaching and other activities available.

On the whole, inconsistent attendance and engagement makes you less likely to succeed. If you don’t attend we will try and contact you to help!

Here at City there is a lot of support available to help you, both academically and personally. You can find out more online via the Student Hub, at the Student Centre or by speaking to your Personal Tutor or Course Officer.

Why does City monitor attendance?

Every undergraduate student at City has their attendance recorded, mostly by paper registers. Count me in is designed to make this process easier for you, taking up less time so you and your lecturers can focus on your learning.

City monitors students’ attendance through a central system as one way to understand how you’re getting on. This helps us support you and work with you on any challenges you may face in your progress at City.

City expects you to attend all sessions in your timetable and scheduled personal tutorials and ensure your attendance is recorded. We monitor your attendance so that we can provide advice and support if you’re having any problems.

Please get to know what your attendance requirements are by reading your Programme Handbook.

What do I have to do?

Attend your timetabled classes and tap your card on one of the readers in the room, simple!

What about if I’m a Tier 4 Student?

It’s extra important to register your attendance if you’re a student on a Tier 4 visa, as Home Office policy means we have to check you are engaging with your studies. If you do not attend, your visa status could be at risk, so make sure you tap in.

I can’t make a class, what should I do?

We understand that sometimes there are legitimate reasons for not attending a class. If you have a reason for not being able to attend, talk to your Course Officer. They can help let you know what support is available, and depending on the reason might be able to make sure it doesn’t count against your attendance record. If you know you’re going to be away for a number of days or over a period of weeks, you are required to make contact with staff on your programme. You should ask your course officer if you are unsure who to contact. Together you should make arrangements to make sure you’re able to engage appropriately in your studies while you’re away from classes so you don’t miss out. There is an authorised absence form for this .

What if I forget or lose my card?

It is recommended that you don’t lose or forget your Count me in card! If this happens, you will need to go to your course office where you will be given an attendance/signing in sheet. You will need to get this sheet signed by your lecturer at the start of each timetabled activity and hand it back to your course office at the end of each day. If you only notice once you get to your class that you do not have your card, and don’t have enough time to get the attendance/signing sheet, then you will be marked as absent.

Lost cards can be replaced at the Student Centre, but these will only become active the following day.

Why are only some courses/years included?

We’re running Count me in as a pilot for this year, so we can get feedback on how it works before we roll it out further. If you are in the pilot, in addition to Count me in, you will get access to your own personalised timetable. You will also have the chance to feedback on the system which will inform how it develops in the future.

What if I’m late?

Although we know that there can sometimes be unexpected problems, particularly for those students who are commuting long distances, we do expect you to be on time to your classes. If you tap in to your class more than 15 minutes after the start time then you will be recorded as being late. We’re aware that at times there may be exceptional circumstances or instances where you may need to be regularly absent. We seek to accommodate this wherever possible. You should raise any challenges you are having with your course officer who can advise on what is possible.

If you are late by 15 minutes or more, then you will be marked down as late, and this will show on the system. If you tap in with less than 15 minutes left in the class, then this will count as being absent. If there is a good reason for your lateness, speak to your course officer and they may be able to change this on the system.

Why do I have two cards?

As this is a pilot, we’re testing different methods to see the easiest way for students to confirm their attendance at lessons. We hope that in the future this would be combined, so one card will be your student ID and used to confirm your attendance. In the meantime if you are on the pilot you will be provided with a lanyard and double sided card holder to keep these together.

Is there anything else coming up?

Yes! A little later in the year we will be looking to introduce a mobile app, which will allow you to check-in from your phone using Bluetooth!

I’m having technical issues, who do I contact?

If you’re having issues with your timetable, or don’t think it is correct, please contact your Course Officer.

For all other issues you should contact the IT Service Desk on 0207 040 8181, in person in the Drysdale Building or online at the self service desk.