City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 11 Nov 2020 9:55am

Student Surveys give you the opportunity to tell us about your experience and us the chance to act on your feedback.

We listen to your feedback

Listening to your views and opinions is vital to how we enhance student life and student satisfaction. With your help, we are working together to ensure that your time here is successful and rewarding.

The Student Surveys consist of Your Voice 1 and 2 for first and second year students, the National Student Survey (NSS) for final year students, the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) for Taught postgraduate students and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) for research students.

Below are improvements we have made based on student feedback in order to enhance your student experience.

How your feedback has informed change throughout City

City, University of London

"We aspire to be the top in London for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey. We take great pride in our partnership with our students, and particular pride in hearing the student voice through all the mechanisms we can. This partnership relies on your feedback and active participation in the enhancement of your programmes through the student representation system and feedback mechanisms including our student surveys. Thank you for your contributions as student representatives, student ambassadors, student buddies, volunteers and members of the City community."

Professor David Bolton, Deputy President

In 2018/19 we:

For the Careers Service

  • Implemented reminder emails to help students working for Unitemps submit their timesheets before payroll cut-offs
  • Introduced student webinars during welcome week and throughout the academic year to promote the service
  • Made 1:1 appointment slots bookable from three days in advance as opposed to from 5pm the day before
  • Made CV and application feedback available digitally via screencast
  • Improved our system of recording appointment notes so students don’t have to repeat information.

For catering services (Sodexo)

  • Added halal signs where relevant, across all menus
  • Extended The Foyer at Bunhill Row’s opening hours to 4pm
  • Introduced a meal deal at Bunhill Row (available from January 2020)
  • Increased our range of healthier food options by opening Crussh
  • Introduced Vegan Week, which ran in November.

For exams

  • Improved the production of the exam timetable and made it accessible one week earlier in both August and in May
  • Published the split list earlier to enable students to familiarise themselves with their exam venues
  • Agreed to remove 6pm exams for all candidates on standard programmes for the May and August examination periods, to support students who may be fasting
  • Implemented timetabling priorities to minimise mixed duration exams and create a better spread throughout the period
  • Improved communications for candidates who require extra provision for their exams
  • Introduced more extensive training for invigilators, including on physical and mental health, so we can improve our support to candidates throughout exams.

For LEaD

  • Reviewed the webinars on the Academic Practice Programme to ensure they are more clearly linked to assessments and topics
  • Added an additional day of teaching for the 19/20 Academic Practice Programme and reduced the webinars
  • Reviewed the assessment criteria on the Academic Practice programme so that it states the minimum number of comments that should be responded to.

For Property and Facilities

  • Made substantial upgrades to facilities for the English, Journalism, Psychology and Music Departments
  • Reconfigured a section of the third floor of Drysdale Building for Cass undergraduate students
  • Improved cooling and ventilation in Gloucester Building
  • Revitalised the courtyard in Drysdale Building, installing new, secure bike storage facilities
  • Had plans approved by Islington Council to extend the Northampton Square Library, providing a new PC lab and 400 additional spaces
  • Introduced a student locker management system to ensure lockers are allocated fairly and on a time-limited basis
  • Installed phone charging facilities and additional power sockets throughout City
  • Improved the IT and AV equipment in learning spaces across rooms in College and Tait Buildings and at Bunhill Row
  • Liaised with IT to introduce attendance monitoring equipment across all learning spaces
  • Progressed with the second year of delivery of the pilot for personalised timetables.

In 2017/18 we:

  • Implemented a plan to use only internal venues for exams and not to schedule exams after 6pm during the summer
  • Introduced the Student Hub to make important information and services more accessible on our webpages
  • Supported students studying into the evening by opening City Café until 8pm during term-time and until 9pm, seven days a week during assessment periods
  • Ensured dates for the main examination period were made available from the beginning of the academic year
  • Introduced new water fountains across campus, with new locations scoped for further fountains
  • Undertook work to minimise the number of mixed-duration exams, which often led to exam disruption for many students
  • Continued to expand the provision of technology to support lecture capture across teaching rooms
  • Ensured that student feedback is now used directly in exam invigilator training.

Students' Union

“We believe that the Students' Union plays a vital role in the student experience. We strive to provide you with opportunities to develop personally whilst you are here at City and also to support you in any way we can. We launched our new three-year Strategic Plan to work on your priorities such as employability, finance, representation and community and wellbeing. The feedback you provide continues to shape our activities and support services, so we would love to hear more from you.”

Tuna Kunt, Students' Union President

In 2018/19 we:

  • Increased the support for Programme Reps to ensure students are represented in the majority of classes
  • Revolutionised assessment rules around extensions and late submissions which are due to be implemented next academic year
  • Put students at the heart of our new strategic plan
  • Helped secure funding to make lecture capture available in more rooms
  • Secured a new social student space in Tait Building, which societies will be able to book in the evenings
  • Improved the Courtyard Café with new furniture and a chalk board wall to make it a more sociable space
  • Launched City’s first ever Black History Month celebration
  • Created more jobs for students by introducing new Team City SU Ambassador roles, recruiting 20 students so far
  • Introduced a new Community Fund to support student-led events with £9,450 spent this year
  • Improved the Union’s Advice Service, with 74% of feedback stating a good outcome.

In 2017/18 we:

  • Introduced mobile phone charging stations at Tait Building and Bunhill Row (keeping you on the go)
  • Secured £6,000 of funding to invest in your welfare and wellbeing during exams
  • Worked with the University to provide more water dispensers on campus
  • Supported 793 students through our Advice Service
  • Delivered face-to-face training to 307 programme representatives
  • Increased our autumn election voting turnout by 111% compared to 2016/17
  • Increased our number of fully affiliated societies to 95
  • Established an academic society for each programme at City
  • Listened to different groups on campus and created opportunities across the year for you to feedback about barriers to education you face
  • Created a new Community Fund to enable students at City to create and run events to build new networks of people with similar interests
  • Provided a Leadership Academy designed to help engaged students recognise their achievements, funded by Santander
  • Increased the number of students taking up Union volunteering opportunities to 1170, up from 946 the previous year.

Library Services

"Your feedback is instrumental in designing, delivering and developing your Library Service. We've made lots of improvements over the past two years, much of which has been as a direct result of student feedback. So please keep the feedback coming, it really does make a difference."

Louise Doolan, Director of Library Services

In 2018/19 we:

  • Focussed on improving customer service, which led to being awarded the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Standard
  • Refurbished the Cass Library, creating additional study spaces and an extended sound-proofed Financial Resources Zone
  • Continued to develop CityLibrary Search to make it easier to discover our collections
  • Continued to offer bookable study spaces at Northampton Square and Cass Libraries
  • Extended bookable study spaces to Technobooths at Northampton Square Library
  • Continued to expand our electronic and print collections using student-led selection models, providing access to over 80,000 e-books
  • Introduced Bloomberg and Euromonitor drop-in sessions at Northampton Square and Cass Libraries
  • Created a Library policy for supporting apprenticeship programmes
  • Subscribed to several new online resources and archives, including; OUP Oxford Research Encyclopaedias, Sage Research Methods Cases 2, Sage Business Cases, Oxford Scholarship Online History, Kanopy (Psychology content), IEEE ebook collections, JAMA archives (JAMA and Ophthalmology), Activistmonitor and Acuris Intelligence Risk
  • Became a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner, which recognises City as leaders in the integration of Bloomberg
  • Redesigned the Cass Library webpages into themed guides
  • Improved booking forms for appointments and workshops
  • Revised Library Guides to include new content
  • Developed new workshops to support foundation courses in the School of Health Sciences
  • Introduced improved, user-friendly library signage
  • Rolled out new mind-mapping software across all student PCs
  • Installed new lamps at Cass and both Law libraries
  • Ran Autumn Specials, a series of library pop-ups, workshops, lectures and events for the autumn term
  • Installed an additional Eikon terminal at Northampton Square Library’s Financial Resources Suite
  • Installed additional Bloomberg terminals in the Cass Learning Resources Zone
  • Improved our online support for using SDC platinum database.

In 2017/18 we:

  • Introduced Autumn Specials, a series of library pop-ups, workshops, lectures and events for the autumn term
  • Introduced Bloomberg drop-in session at Cass Learning Resource Centre
  • Revised and improved the Cass library guides to make them more useful at point of need
  • Ran weekly Library Essentials pop-ups during term time
  • Introduced 24/7 opening hours at Cass and Northampton Square libraries during exam periods
  • Subscribed to several new online resources, including Cambridge Histories Online, Amirsys Imaging, Oxford Legal Research Library, Westlaw ALL books content, Oxford Bibliographies on International Law and Oxford Dictionary of National Bibliographies
  • Subscribed to several new journals, including American Institute of Physics archive and the Optical Society of America archive, together with the single archive for American Journal of Ophthalmology
  • Subscribed to several new newspaper and archive resources, including The Guardian and The Observer online archive, Proquest News Vaults: Vietnam and WW2, Digital National Security Archives and Times Higher Education (THE)
  • Introduced new library workshops for all schools
  • Introduced workshops in specialist business databases delivered by a Finance PhD student
  • Introduced termly newsletters for researchers
  • Introduced a new look for City Research Online (CRO) with an easier to navigate layout and clearer design
  • Expanded law collections at Northampton Square library
  • Converted level 3 at Northampton Square library to a quiet study floor
  • Created additional study spaces in the Cass Learning Resource Centre
  • Continued to offer bookable study spaces at Northampton Square and Cass Learning Resource Centre
  • Continued to expand our electronic and print collections using student-led selection models
  • Introduced single sign-on to to make logging in much easier.

Information Technology

"IT annually receive a very high satisfaction rating, to maintain this we have continued to invest in our IT infrastructure and support, with the following as examples that have a direct impact on the quality of your student experience."

Claire Priestley, Director of Information Technology

In 2018/19 we:

  • Increased support for lecture capture, increasing content by 48% over two years, with over 13,000 hours of lecture footage this year
  • Upgraded 35 learning spaces with new and improved audio-visual facilities, including a complete refurbishment of the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre
  • Developed new printed guides and Student Hub pages to support students with accessing services such as Wi-Fi, printers and Office365
  • Improved the user experience of Moodle, including reducing the number of steps required to access modules
  • Supported the development of a new Journalism multimedia lab, which allows mobile content be shared on large display screens
  • Supported the development of a new Journalism multimedia lab, which allows live video feeds to be streamed around campus
  • Supported the development of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab, with the latest computers, tools and technologies to support machine learning
  • Increased the number of student PCs, installing 631 new PCs across City
  • Enabled all research students to create public profiles on City’s website
  • Continued to expand the pilot of personalised timetables and attendance recording software, allowing students to tap-in to lectures and tutorials
  • Made PhishMe, our phishing email detection service, accessible on mobile
  • Upgraded ServiceNow, our IT self-service portal, with a modern look and feel, and made our guidance and support clearer
  • Supported the professional mentoring scheme, offering one-to-one mentoring to share the IT team’s knowledge and experience.

In 2017/18 we:

  • Continued to support the year on year increase in the use of lecture capture across City
  • Released a new look to Moodle, making it easier for students to navigate and engage with the content
  • Developed online induction timetables which also integrate with CityNav, our navigation system, allowing students to get up to date information and find out exactly how to get where they need during their first weeks at City
  • Launched the Student Hub which gathers all information relevant to students, in one easy to navigate place
  • Developed a new Cass Business School website with improved look, feel and navigation allowing students to easily find the information they need
  • Upgraded 559 student PCs in 23 areas across campus
  • Continued to upgrade the Audio Visual facilities across City to improve students’ learning experience, including the trial of wireless collaboration allowing staff and students to share content to the displays within teaching spaces or receive it directly to their own device
  • Released a new phishing report system via Outlook, known as PhishMe, to help students report suspected phishing scams quickly and easily
  • Launched the ‘count me in’ pilot to provide personalised timetables for students
  • Implemented a new research ethics system to support the ethical approval or all research projects
  • Upgraded 33 learning spaces, providing updated and more reliable teaching tools and a consistent set of learning technologies
  • Improved our IT infrastructure approach to systems that work individually by allowing their data and services to be used in multiple locations which improves a student’s experience behind the scenes.