City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 19 Oct 2020 10:41am

Student survey FAQ

It is natural that you may have some questions around the survey, why it is so important and and why we ask you to complete it. Here we have tried to cover some of the more frequently asked questions but you can also email us.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes, every response made by a student is anonymous. We only need your registration number for log-in purposes and so that no student does the survey twice. Please also look at 'Where does my feedback go?' below.

How do I log in/complete my survey?

For the National Student Survey (NSS), students will need to answer questions specific to themselves, when visiting the site, to access their survey.

For the Your Voice 1 survey, Your Voice 2 survey and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), students will need to enter a username and password.

Your username is your student Registration Number and your password is the last three digits of the same number.

Do not use you Library Barcode Number.

In the picture below it shows that Caroline Smith's username is: 090012687 and her password is 687.

Barcode example

When does the survey close?

The closing date for Your Voice 1 and Your Voice 2 is 6th March 2020. The closing date for the National Student Survey (NSS) is 30th April 2020. The closing date for the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is 15th June 2020.

Why can't I log in to complete my survey?

If you think you’re eligible to complete a survey, but haven’t been sent a link or cannot log in, please see below for some of the reasons you may not be eligible to complete the survey this year:

  • If you began your course in January or later in the academic year
  • If you aren’t working towards an award or attend only specific occasional modules
  • If you’ve suspended your studies at any point this academic year
  • If you’re returning to your studies part way through the academic year after a suspension of your studies
  • If you’ve not fully completed your registration (both online and in-person)
  • If you’re taking part in distance learning (learning online where you’re not required to attend lectures on campus)
  • If you’re currently on placement year or a study abroad year

If none of these apply to you, please let us know and we'll investigate for you:

How do I claim my free hot drink?

Every student who completes a survey can get a free regular hot drink from any City catering outlet, managed by Sodexo.

To claim your drink you will need a voucher from your course office. These can be collected by providing proof that you have completed an online survey e.g. a print out of the last page or a screenshot on your phone or ipad. If you have any queries please email us.

Where does my feedback go?

The feedback you provide is very valuable. We use it to see what we do well and where we could do better. When the surveys are closed and the data is collected, it is circulated to programme teams and the Students' Union who work on action plans and improvements based on your feedback. Your feedback is collected with other students' feedback so that your identity is protected and you remain anonymous. You may also see the collective feedback of you and your peers at Student Staff Liaison Committees, and Annual Programme Evaluations which are available on request from your programme director or programme administrator.

Results for NSS are publicly available to prospective students, their families and advisors to help make informed choices of where and what to study. The NSS results are also available through 'Key Information Sets' (KIS), which are published on the websites of universities and colleges and the UNISTATS website. The survey is administered by Ipsos Mori, an independent market research agency. PTES is not published but Universities received confidential information about their performance against sector benchmarks.

We use all of our surveys to build a picture of student views year-on-year so we can make improvements.

Why is a high response rate needed?

The better the response rate; the better the collective views of students are represented. We want to make sure we get as much feedback from all students to ensure we have a balanced view. Your Voice 1 and 2 are run as an internal survey at City and the NSS and PTES are both external surveys that other institutions are also involved in. In order to get the results of the surveys we must reach a minimum threshold of 50% for NSS and 10% for PTES. No survey results will be made available to individual programme teams unless they get a certain number of responses; your participation is therefore really important to your programme.