Take your survey

Listening to your views and opinions is vital to how we enhance student life and student satisfaction. With your help, we are working together to ensure that your time here is successful and rewarding.

How do I log in?

The annual surveys will be open between January and April 2023. You can find more information on how to log in and complete your survey on our frequently asked questions page.

Which survey should I complete?

Depending on your level of study and your course, you will be asked to complete one of the following:

If you are unsure which survey applies and we have not contacted you please email surveys@city.ac.uk or check our frequently asked questions.

Why does City use surveys?

Feedback from students is essential to inform the development of City's courses and to help shape all aspects of the learning experience. We actively seek and encourage you to give us your views and online surveys are one of the main ways that we do this.

What happens to the feedback I provide?

Your feedback will be considered by your programme team so that we can identify what we are doing well and what we need to improve. We will also tell you what changes we are making as a result of your comments.