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Last updated: 06 Feb 2020 8:28am

Welcoming every Faith, Belief and Culture

Here at City, you’re part of a wonderfully diverse community with people studying from all parts of the world. Many are religious and will want to find opportunities to practice their faith alongside their studies. Indeed, your time at City should be an opportunity to explore all aspects of life, not just your academic studies.

It will be a time when you have questions about identity and some of those ‘big questions’ in life:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Is there more to life than ‘this’?

The Chaplaincy at City is a great place to help you explore all these issues and more.

You can find us in the City Faith Centre on Level 1 of the Tait Building (just before the Students' Union Reception desk) on the Northampton Square campus.

Faith on campus

Here at City we’re able to offer spaces and arrangements to suit students of all faiths and religions. Find out more about our Faith Centre and Muslim prayer arrangements below

City Faith Centre

Completed in June 2017, our City Faith Centre, situated on the first level of Tait Building (just before you reach the Students’ Union and Courtyard Café), provides a place for prayers and reflection.

The Centre was in development for some time and it represents many hours of planning and consulting. It also represents a significant commitment on behalf of the University to providing a space for different needs; in this case for prayer and quiet contemplation.

The City Faith Centre offers a Multi-Faith Room for individual and group use, a Quiet Reflection Lounge offering individuals a place to pray, meditate, reflect, or simply calm the nerves before that important assessment or exam. In addition, we also offer dedicated prayer rooms for Muslim prayers.

We have a simple set of guidelines for those using the space, to ensure everyone can access City Faith Centre freely and with respect.

The Multi-Faith Room can be booked by faith societies and for other occasions in line with the Chaplaincy ethos. Links are below for the booking form and to see the availability of the room.

We look forward to seeing you.

- Ian and the Chaplaincy team

Religious observance during exams

There may be times during examination periods when the observance of your faith requires you to be absent from the University at specific dates/times. Information on religious observance during exam periods, and how to make arrangements for it, can be found on the Exam Timetable page.