City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 20 Jul 2021 3:23pm

Muslim prayer

Prayer timetables

Please see below for the latest details regarding prayer times. Prayer timetables will be posted here as they become available throughout the year.

The prayer room opening and closing times are presently from 12pm to 9pm (Monday to Friday).

2020 Autumn Term – Important update: Temporary Prayer Room Arrangements – Tait Building

In the interest of health and safety and protection from Covid 19, all students and staff should read and observe the following temporary guidelines below for using the prayer rooms. These adaptations will be in place until we have further guidance from the government that enables us to relax these restrictions and return to normal practice

Entering and exiting the prayer rooms in the Tait Building:

  • Please adhere to the signs detailing one-way entry and exit.
  • You may enter the prayer rooms through the normal entry doors, along the Tait corridor.
  • Brothers should leave the male prayer room using the emergency door on the right-hand side of the prayer space and exit through the study area.
  • Sisters should leave the prayer room using the emergency door on the left-hand side of the prayer space and leave through the Multi Faith corridor.
  • We ask you to pray at the front of the room so that others do not pass you to exit the prayer space. The exit door should be kept free at all times.

Prayer room facilities:

  • There will be reusable bags provided for your shoes. Please take your shoes with you in the reusable bags provided together with your other personal belongings and place them close to where you're praying.
  • There will be no shared usage of prayer mats for this period. Please pick up a reusable prayer masalla on entry in to the prayer room and keep it with you for future prayer.
  • The Wudu area will be temporarily restricted with the two wudu taps alongside the walls and the middle taps only being used for ablution. Please avoid using the taps that have been temporarily covered.
  • Alcohol- free sanitisation cream is available for use, please use.
  • If you are wearing leather socks (jurrabs or Khufaz) you can use any washroom facility for your ablution and just touch your feet with a wet hand.
  • We recommend you to bring your own small towels and Musallah.
  • When entering the prayer rooms, performing wudu, drying your hands and feet or leaving the room, please maintain the social distances.
  • Qur’ans and other items will be removed from the Prayer rooms and safely stored.
  • Please only use the shelves for keeping Turbah for Shia students and staff. Once you have finished using the Turbah, please put them in their place back on the shelf. However, we do recommend that you use your own Turbah for yours and everyone’s safety.

Prayer space:

  • The maximum number of people allowed in the spaces will be 30 at any one time in the male prayer room and 20 at any one time in the female prayer room.
  • Face coverings must be used at all times when in the prayer rooms.
  • Stickers on the floor indicate the two-metre distancing required.
  • Social distancing must be observed when praying individually or in Jamaat (congregation).
  • When you have completed your prayers think of those who are waiting to do their prayers and leave the room promptly.
  • Please make dua that Allah relieves us from this pandemic and all other viruses.

Further information will follow shortly to update with the new temporary arrangements for Jummah prayer with times and locations.

If you have any question regarding the above or any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Chaplaincy Team.

Finally, we will be regularly reviewing the situation under the guidance of the Health and Safety directives. Please do your bit to protect yourself and keeping others safe. May Allah reward you for your endeavours.