City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 03 Apr 2020 12:30pm

Muslim prayer

Prayer timetables

Male and female rooms for prayers are located in the City Faith Centre in the Tait Building. See the prayer room guide for users.

Please see below for the latest details regarding prayer times. Prayer timetables will be posted here as they become available throughout the year.

Jummah Prayers

Since the University is moving fully towards online teaching from Monday 23rd March, we have been advised, and have taken the decision to suspend Jummah Prayers from Friday 27th March for rest of the term. This decision is, in part, to limit the risk of infection for individuals. We would encourage you to attend your nearest and most appropriate Mosque.

Jummah Prayers during exams and vacation periods

During term time and outside of exam periods the Great Hall, in the College Building, is the only place on the University premises where Jummah Prayers take place.

During vacation periods or when exams are in progress the Prayer Rooms in the Tait Building are available for use for Jummah Prayers, as is the Tompion Community Centre on Percival Street.

Students and staff are not permitted to use teaching rooms, corridors stairwells or any other areas of the University for Jummah Prayers.


Wudhu facilities for males and females are available in the Muslim Prayer Rooms in the City Faith Centre in the Tait Building.

When Jummah Prayers take place in the Great Hall, College Building, Wudhu facilities are available for males and females at the back of the Great Hall. These can be used on Friday’s only.

There are two separate Wudhu facilities for men and women on the third floor of College Building, near to room A305. Please use these for Wudhu, and not the other toilets around the campus.

Halal food

The main City food outlets in Northampton Square serves Halal food which is labelled ‘Halal’ or ‘Halal food’ so it can be clearly identified.

Leading Friday Prayer in the Great Hall

Jummah Prayer in the Great Hall is led by current students or staff at City. If you wish to lead the prayer please print and complete the application form below and hand in to Sheikh Musa Admani, the University Imam, at the City Faith Centre in the Tait Building.