How many teams: There are two competitive only teams representing the university: Men's 1st and Women's 1st.

Off field activities/socials: Supported and participated in campaigns such as "This Girl Can" and have recently encouraged all members to join the newly created “Wolfpack Society” through the Students' Union.

Recreational offer: By becoming a member of the team you are automatically entitled to a discounted membership at CitySport where the membership covers the cost of all group sport classes, usage of the gym and the ability to have team conditioning training too. For more information, please see the CityActive programme page.

2021/2022 Trials

Men & Women (Separate sessions)

  • Saturday 2nd October from 4-7pm at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Equipment needed (kit etc):

  • The most important piece of equipment needed would be your tennis racket. Unfortunately, there are no spare rackets available from the captains, but the venue may have hire rackets which would be able to rent for the duration of the session.
    We highly stress in owning and bringing your own racket as if you were to be selected for the team this would be needed for both training and competitions.
  • Other equipment such as tennis balls will be provided.
  • In terms of kit sensible clothing and trainers are advised.

Selection process:

  • Both men’s and women’s team trials will be held separately but at the same time at the same venue. All prospective must bring their City University student ID card to provide proof of university attendance and identification.
  • During the trials, depending on the numbers, groups will be allocated into different timeslots to allow a fair and equal opportunities to show skill. All captains will be present and will instruct the prospective members to warm up in the form of rallies with other perspectives.
  • Once done the captains will then ask the perspectives to perform certain exercises and skills which will ultimately lead to a competitive scenario where friendly matches will be played, either doubles or singles. Throughout the trials the captains will be observing all prospective but will also be there as a form of guidance for any concerns that may arise.

Email for more information.


  • Saturday’s from 4-7pm at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

Where (link to venue): Both teams train once a week on a at the Lee Valley hockey and Tennis Centre, E20 3AD; situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  For more information about the venue please visit their website.

Commitment level required: It is essential all selected members turn up to training in order to get the most out of their experience whilst being on the team. By turning up to training you are showing your commitment to not only the team but also to yourself in order to improve your skills and to also learn from other members of the team.

Please bear in mind the trainings are not coach lead so attendance is heavily relied upon.


Competitions played: Both teams compete in two different competitions every year whilst representing the university. The first competition takes the form of a “round robin” style league where the Men’s team currently compete in the South Eastern Tier 2 whilst the Women’s team compete in the South Eastern Tier 3.

The second competition the teams play in is the “knock out” style South Eastern Conference Cup.

The recent success of the Men’s team earnt them the title of Champions for the South Eastern Conference Cup of the 2019/2020 season and currently hold this title.

What day team play matches: To accommodate the University’s academic timetabling, all competition and matches are held on a Wednesday afternoon unless notification of change prior to the fixture. But this change would be conveyed to all player competing as soon as possible.

How to get involved

To get involved with the team you can communicate with us through our official social media page on Instagram where all updates regarding the team, trials and competitions will be published and any enquiries will be answered by a member of our team, through direct message.

Alternatively, if you want to ask any questions regarding the team or any other sports enquiries you are more than welcome to email CitySport using this email address,, and a member of their team will assist you.

Selected team members

All prospective members, who attended the trials, will be notified of the outcome of the captain’s decisions.

If you are selected for the team (where you commit to trainings and competitions) there is a one-off payment per academic year of £40 for the sports card. This is essential as without this card you are not allowed to train or compete as it is a form of identification of competing for a team.

The cost also covers the uniform you will wear when representing the University and moreover it will cover the costs of the training, home venue and tennis balls. The sports card can be obtained through CItySport.  

All newly selected member needs to be registered and become a member with two organisations: the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and the BUCS Play App. The membership with the LTA is free and can be obtained through their website.

This membership is for the governing body of tennis for Great Britain and will be used to track all competitions played nationwide. The second membership is with the BUCS Play App and is the official software for all communications and acceptance of participation for all competitions played through the BUCS organisation.

This membership must be completed using your City email and by completing this membership automatically enables you to be eligible for both League and South Conference Cup competitions. The link to sign up for this membership can be found on their website.