Assessment Boards

Assessment Boards are held by each School to ensure Assessment Regulations are applied consistently and fairly for all students. Their role is to consider and agree marks, taking the recommendations of all relevant panels into account

Assessment Boards have the final say on marks, aside from those already reviewed by a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB which the Board will make no changes to. All marks released to you prior to Assessment Boards are provisional.

The role of Assessment Boards includes:

  • considering and agreeing marks achieved by each student for assessment components, the overall module mark and credit to be awarded.
  • considering recommendations from  Preliminary Assessment Panels, Extenuating Circumstances Panels, Supporting Your Academic Success outcomes, Academic Misconduct Panels, Fitness to Practise Panels, Fitness to Study Panels and other advisory panels as applicable.
  • applying any relevant PSRB requirements in accordance with approved Programme Regulations.
  • agreeing the application of compensation including the Safety Net Policy which may enhance a student’s mark.

Where appropriate Assessment Boards can also:

  • request the investigation of assessment or exam irregularities
  • request the investigation of conflicting grades of an individual student or cohort of students
  • moderate grades where necessary
  • request the investigation of any suspected academic misconduct
  • request the re-sit of assessments or exams with material irregularities* or those which are suspected to have been compromised
  • review the marks for any assessment which has been proven to be compromised or where material irregularities have been identified. This can result in the Assessment Board:
    • scaling marks up
    • scaling marks down
    • removing the assessment from calculations.

* A material irregularity is an error made by the University, or some other issue that has been identified with the conduct of the assessment, that has affected the results.

Whatever action the Board takes, will be proportional to the material irregularity or offence to ensure the academic integrity and value of all City awards.