Exam adjustments

How do I find out if I am eligible for adjustments?

A wide range of support is available to meet individual needs and help you perform at your best during your exams and assessments.

Contact the Student Health and Wellbeing Team in the first instance and register to find out how they can help you.

The Exams Office will be informed of any relevant adjustments which have been agreed for you and make the necessary arrangements for your exams. You will be sent information about where your exams will take place following the release of the main timetable.

The deadline

In order to receive adjustments you must have agreed and finalised your provisions by one month before the start of the exam period:

  • Thursday 8th December for the January 2023 exam period
  • Tuesday 11th April for the May 2023 exam period
  • Thursday 13th July for the August 2023 exam period

This also applies to a reduction in adjustments. Whilst you are able to choose not to use adjustments in your examination, unless agreed prior to the deadline you must attend the venue in which your seat is allocated which may be away from the main cohort.

Please note that it may take several weeks to complete your application so you are advised to start the process as early as possible.

How long are my adjustments valid?

Your arrangements will be in place until: you graduate from your current course; there is a change to your circumstances or if your adjustments are temporary, the end date on your form. If you transfer course or start a new course at City you must make a new appointment with the relevant team in order to agree new adjustments. Adjustments from prior courses are not carried forward.

When are my exams?

Check the main timetable for the date and time of your exam. In general, your exams will run at the same time as for all other students.

Where are my exams?

When sitting the exam in person, in most cases students with adjustments are seated away from the main cohort in order to deliver your provisions. These venues have specialist invigilators to provide your adjustments.

After the main examination timetable is published you will receive details of your venues. It is essential you attend the venue you are advised to as you will not be allocated a seat in the main venue.

How does extra time work?

Extra time automatically extends the duration of the exam by adding a percentage to the normal duration. For example, where an examination is normally two hours long, if you are permitted 25% extra time you would receive 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How do rest breaks work?

Rest breaks allow you to take a break from writing your exam. You are not permitted to write or communicate during this time.  To take this break you would notify an invigilator and they would record the time you start and finish the break.

Rest break time is only added to your duration if you use the rest breaks. For example, for a 2 hour exam if you use no rest breaks your end time would still be 2 hours from the start of the exam. If you take 3 breaks of 3 minutes each during the exam, your end time would be 2 hours and 9 minutes after the start of your exam.

The invigilators will track your breaks and add your rest break time taken to your end time as you go. If you are ever unsure about your rest breaks times, please ask an invigilator.

How do stickers work?

Stickers may be provided for students with specific learning differences or visual impairment to indicate that allowances should be made for spelling and expression. It is your responsibility to bring these to your in-person examinations. New stickers can be collected from the Student Health and Wellbeing Helpdesk.

How does using a PC work (including assistive technology)?

For exams taking place in-person, where you are permitted use of a PC you will be sat in a PC venue. You always have access to the normal answer materials and have the option of completing the exam on these, the PC or a combination of both. The only exception to this is where the main examination is PC based.

During in-person examinations, assistive technology is set up in individual venues on campus. Where necessary you will be provided with headphones, microphone and a soft-copy of the exam paper to facilitate your use of the technology. You must ensure you are familiar with the technology prior to the exam as user guidance cannot be provided during the exam. Training can be arranged with the Library.

How can I change my arrangements?

If you would like to amend your adjustments please contact the team who agreed your current provision. Please remember the deadline for adjustments applies to changes too, so make sure you visit the team as soon as you feel an amendment is necessary.