Exam timetable

Please make sure you check the timetable carefully and regularly before your examination(s).

We understand that a move to alternative assessments, and different arrangements to face-to-face examinations, is a change to what you were expecting and it may be challenging for some students. The University is committed to supporting you during this time and has created an Assessments Student Guide to answer some of your questions.

The examination timetable

Your personal exam timetable will be available on MyTimetable. This new site is designed to be intuitive and contains a comprehensive help section. We have also put together an introduction to MyTimetable.

  • The January 2022/3 exam timetable (published: 20/01/2023, 10:55).
  • The May 2022/3 exam period will take place Monday 8th May to Friday 2nd June 2023. The exam timetable will be available here by 5pm on Friday 24th March 2023.
  • The August 2022/3 exam period will take place Monday 14th to Friday 25th August 2023. The exam timetable will be available here by 5pm on Friday 29th July 2023.

The examination timetable is subject to change. Please make sure you check the timetable carefully and regularly before your assessment(s).

Please see the Religious Observance information below if you have a faith commitments that prevent you sitting your exam at the scheduled time.

You may have other alternative assessments that fall within and outside of this period, including coursework submissions. More guidance will be provided by your Course Office.

Find exam period dates for upcoming academic years.

Examination clashes

If you discover that you have two examinations on the same day, or an 18:00 exam followed by a 10:00 exam the following day, please inform your Course Office as soon as possible. They will liaise with the Examinations Office who will contact you before the start of the exams to confirm your arrangements.

Religious observance

There may be times during examination periods when the observance of your faith prevents you from taking exams at specific dates or times.

In cases such as these City will, wherever practicable, make alternative arrangements for you to sit the examination.

You must apply for special arrangements to be made in these circumstances.

For information on the application procedure please consult the Religious Observance webpage.

Exams outside the main examination periods

The Examinations Office organise some exams that take place outside main examination periods.

University exception periods that are centrally organised include:

  • Study Abroad exams in December and April
  • Some EMBA and MBA exams in January and April
  • PG Bayes exams in April
  • GDL and Legal Practice Law Exams in June
  • School of Health & Psychological Sciences exams throughout the year.

Please note that many departments organise their own exception examinations. If you are unsure who is organising your examinations please consult your programme handbook or Course Office.

Exception Exam Timetables

There are currently no exception exam timetables published.