City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 23 Dec 2021 4:17pm

Remote Exams Space on Campus

To ensure that all our students are able to take their exams effectively, we will be providing spaces on campus for students who are unable to complete their remote exams at home

If you are unable to complete your remote exams at home (e.g. if you don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection, a suitable device, or quiet room to take your exam) you will be able to book a space on campus.

These spaces will have access to City Wi-Fi, City PCs and be supervised to maintain a quiet study environment for you to take your Moodle-delivered examinations.

Please ensure you have booked a space and that you follow the Covid-19 guidance in place to keep yourselves and others safe.

Before you book a space, please note:

These spaces for sitting remote exams on campus will take place in the same way as at home exams; you will take your examination through Moodle, or handwrite your script and scan it for upload on Moodle with a mobile phone camera.

Charging, scanning and printing access is not bookable nor guaranteed, so please make sure your devices are charged.

  • You will need to book a space for each of the exams you need to take on campus and may need to book multiple slots to ensure you have the required time for your exam.
  • You should arrive in time to set up for your exam, and plan to finish your exam with plenty of time before the space closes at 5pm.
  • Ensure you bring in all the materials required for your examination including paper, pens, and a charged device and follow all Moodle instructions as you would at home.
  • The spaces are designed to offer a quiet space with access to Wi-Fi and a PC and we cannot provide the adjustments you would get in an invigilated exam, such as your own room, a laptop or a scribe.  If you need to discuss your adjustments for the exam period, please contact the Student Counselling, Mental Health and Accessibility services.
  • To access campus, you will need to have your City ID card – please ensure you collect this in advance if you haven't already done so.
  • You are strongly encouraged to make use of free rapid lateral flow tests available as at-home testing kits before you come onto campus. If your test is positive, you should follow guidance to self-isolate and should not travel to campus.
  • You must comply with Covid-19 safety measures while on site, including social distancing and wearing a face covering, unless you are exempt.


What booking should I make?

Bookings are available in 2 hour sessions throughout the day as exams have different start times and durations. You should book as many sessions as needed to cover the time you expect to use.

Calculate the time you need by taking into account the exam duration, time to download the question paper and submit your answers, and any additional time you may receive as an exam adjustment.

If your exam is available for 24 hours you should book as many slots as you expect to use, taking into consideration downloading the question paper, submitting your answers, breaks, and any additional time you may receive as an exam adjustment.

For example, if the total time you need is 3.5 hours and your exam starts at 10:00, you should book 9-11am, 11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm.

It is not a problem if you book more time than you use.

Can I bring my own device?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own device. Access to charging is not guaranteed so please ensure you have sufficient charge for your examination.

If you are sitting a proctored exam then you must bring your own device with which you have previously onboarded. Proctoring is not available on University PCs.

My exam is open-book. Can I bring and/or access the same materials as I would at home?

The exams are not intended to be different from taking them at home. You can access the same materials as you would at home. Note that where the materials aren’t available online, you will need to bring them with your either in hard or soft copy.

What if I have a problem?

Any issues that arise related to your examination should be dealt with in the same way you would resolve them at home. You will have received information from your school about these arrangements which will usually include a contact email address that will be monitored throughout the exams, and advice to contact IT (0202 7040 8181) for any technical issues.

The supervisors in the room will be able to help you with any issues related to being on campus. This would include the exam environment such as noise, heating, and lighting. If you experience an issue with a City device, in most instances you will be advised to move to a new device to minimise disruption to your exam.

What can I expect in the room?

The room is intended to run in the same way as your exam would at home. Therefore you can come and go from the room for breaks as you wish and it is your responsibilities to manage your exam time. Note that this means other students may also be moving around the room and the supervisors are there to keep the room calm and quiet.

Can I still book a space if I have a proctored exam?

You may have proctored exams where specialist software is used to invigilate your exam. You are still welcome to use the room for this type of exam. Note that you must bring your own device with which you have onboarded prior to the exam as the University PCs do have access to the proctoring software.

If you have any questions about the space on campus or your booking please contact