Progression and awards

Important information about your assessment results, your programme and the support available to you and details of the timescales if you want to make an appeal.

Pass requirements

The pass requirements for your programme are set out in the Programme Specification, which you will find in your Programme Handbook, available on Moodle.

If you need help understanding your results letter or would like more information on how your marks were allocated, please consult your Programme Handbook or contact your Course Office.

Clerical Checks

If you would like to apply for an accuracy check of any of your marks from this academic year, please contact your Course Office. Please note, clerical checks do not involve remarking, your assessment marks instead recounted to ensure they have been calculated correctly. Your request must be submitted within 28 days of the notification of your results.

Detailed information can be found in City’s Senate Regulation 19: Assessment regulations (see Appendix 4).


If you would like to request a review of a decision made by the Assessment Board (known as an appeal), you must make it within 28 days of the release of your current academic year results, following the Assessment Board.

Appeals are only considered on permissible grounds, which are set out in Senate Regulations 20 – 21b on student appeals.

You can find details on how to appeal and further information on the Student Hub.


The Union Advice Team in the Students’ Union can provide advice for students considering making an appeal. If you have been withdrawn from your studies, they can also provide information on other options that may be available.

Capped and uncapped assessments

If you are being given an opportunity to resit an assessment or partially repeat a year, marks for those assessment attempts are usually capped at 40% for undergraduate modules and at 50% for postgraduate modules. This is noted on your results letter as Capped under Next attempt.

However, if the Assessment Board has given you the opportunity to take your next attempt at the assessment(s) as uncapped, an Extenuating Circumstances Panel has agreed that you will receive your full marks for those assessments.

If you have submitted your Extenuating Circumstance claim but your next attempt is listed as capped please get in touch with your Course Officer to discuss.

Partially repeating with attendance

Partially repeating the programme stage with attendance allows you to return in the next academic year to attend classes and attempt your failed assessments again.


If you are partially repeating, you will only be charged for the modules you are repeating. Fees are based on module credits – you can find an example below.

Representative example

We start by calculating how much of your year you will be repeating. In this example, let’s assume the total number of credits for the year is 120. You are repeating one 15 credit module and one 30 credit module. With this, we can work out how much how much of the year you are repeating:

(15 + 30) / 120 = 37.5%
Sum of credits being repeated / total credits = % of year being repeated

We use this percentage to calculate the exact amount you are due, ensuring you are not charged for modules you passed.

In this example, let’s assume your course fee for the new academic year is £9250. Note that the calculation is based on the new academic year fee, which may be slightly higher than last year to account for inflation. To work out how much you need to pay, we use the percentage calculated above:

£9250 x 37.5% = £3468.75
Base fee for new academic year x % of full course fee = Total fees due

Student support services

Here at City, there are lots of services available to support you throughout your studies. If there’s anything which is worrying you or disrupting your normal work, study or personal life, you can contact the relevant service who can provide help.

Some of the services you may want to speak to are:

If you would like to learn more about what help and support City offers, refer to the Help and Support section of the Student Hub.