Study skills tutorials

We offer 50-minute study skills tutorials, by appointment.

What are these sessions about?

The sessions are tailored to your needs at the time, but here are some examples of areas we might cover:

  • understanding your assignment's assessment criteria
  • academic reading strategies
  • critical writing
  • referencing
  • revision techniques

Can I attend with someone else from my course?

You're encouraged to team up with one other student from your course and book a study skills session together if you have similar questions. If that's not possible, you're welcome to book a session on your own. If you're bringing along a draft (e.g. a rough essay) for the tutor to look at, please attend on your own.

How do I book a session?

  • go to the Learning Success reception in the Student Centre on level 2 in University Building (B) at Northampton Square
  • or telephone 020 7040 0246.

Please seek help with plenty of time to meet assignment deadlines.

Is this service available remotely?

Yes, if you can't attend Northampton Square, study skills support sessions can be offered via Skype, Adobe Connect or telephone. Please specify this when you book.

Will you proofread my work?

No, proofreading and English language support are not offered within this service.

This is to ensure the authorship of the work is not compromised and academic integrity is upheld. You should carry out your own proofreading as part of the final stage of producing a piece of written work. You should also consult your School on its policy with respect to the use of proof-readers and ensure they adhere to the relevant rules and guidance.