Welcome to City

Whether you are moving town, moving country, or staying in London, use the time before you arrive to prepare for university life.

Starting university is a very exciting time and we look forward to receiving you at City. Below you can find useful links to each of our individual Welcome pages.

Welcome to City

Welcome to City is your first point for Welcome information. Be welcomed by your University President and your Students' Union President. Discover Building your home at City with key information about getting started. Explore your Students' Union and meet the Deans of your school.

Building your home at City

Building your home at City is your University's welcome. Here you will find everything you need to know about getting set up, extracurricular activities, support available, navigating City and Welcome Week events. This is the first step to building your student experience and building your home at City. You can also check out this handy checklist.

Unpacking at City

At Unpacking at City we're helping you unpack the essential administrative tasks to get started at University. We cover registration, timetables, student expectations, accommodation and disclosing Disabilities and health conditions.

Growing your support system

Growing your support system is about understanding who you can go to for support at University. At City, we have a number of support teams who will be there for you throughout your journey, including Student Support and Wellbeing, Careers, Library Services and Chaplaincy.

Opening the door to new opportunities

Begin Opening the door to new opportunities. Whether you're looking to make new friends, learn new skills, advance in your career or get involved with our vibrant sports community, you have come to the right place.

Knowing your neighbourhood

On our Knowing your neighbourhood page, we’ll help you find your way around City. Discover the buzz of City life right at your doorstep. Navigate your way through university with our helpful tips and make the most of what City and the surrounding area has to offer.

Looking after your piggy bank

To help reduce the impact of the current cost of living crisis as a City student, you can find everything you need in one place on Looking after your piggy bank. Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, home or international student, this support is here for everyone to access.

Your City Housewarming

Your City Housewarming is the perfect opportunity to get involved and familiarise yourself with your surroundings. Start the year off with exciting events and activities to help you settle in and feel at home.

Welcome events

Your first weeks at City will be filled with Welcome events, talks and activities to make sure your introduction to university life is as smooth as possible. Discover what's on during Welcome Week day by day and take a look at our Upcoming Events. Choose from the activities below which are running to fit around your induction timetable.