City Alumni encouraging us to exercise ethically with their start-up Peak+Flow.

Published Thursday, 20th December, 2018 in University news

Its always great to find out where City graduates end up after their studies.

In the age of fast fashion, there is a continuing move towards reducing the impact of fashion and clothing on the environment. Enter, Gareth Evans (MBA 2017) and his business partner Joe Lines. They created Peak+Flow a sustainable, ethical active wear brand that looks great but is kind to the environment. The business owners spotted that activewear was moving toward fast-fashion which meant lots of choice but items which were overdesigned and not always the best quality.

Although awareness of sustainability in fashion is growing in the public consciousness, Gareth says that two years ago when the business started things were different. So, finding suppliers and partners that shared the business ethical aims was more of a challenge. Nonetheless, the brand is continuing to grow.

We look forward to following Peak+Flow’s journey. Read Gareth’s full interview here and follow Peak+Flow on Twitter