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Cass Clubs and Societies

Cass Clubs and Societies

Being part of a club or society can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do alongside your studies whilst a student at Cass Business School. Clubs & Societies at Cass give students across all programmes – Undergraduate, MSc and MBA fantastic opportunities to meet people with similar interests, network with professionals from outside of Cass and develop employability skills.

Joining a club or society gives you:

  • The chance to experience organising and running conferences
  • A wider understanding of financial and organisational practices
  • An opportunity to develop practical skills
  • Networking events with alumni and professionals
  • A wider knowledge base, away from the classroom
  • The chance to meet students from across courses and departments
  • Opportunities to self market - invaluable additions to your CV
  • A better understanding of the 'soft' skills necessary in today's  job market
  • Closer links with the business world.

Cass clubs and Societies are not just about professional development - many clubs encourage sport and leisure activities ensuring the Cass experience is both rewarding and fulfilling. Friends made at Cass socialising or playing sport can develop into networks and friendships for life.

  • Contact the club or society directly or
  • Email Events Executive, Leon Cuthbertson

Are you interested in becoming a President of a Cass club or society?

Please see for all of the Clubs & Societies that are currently running at Cass  

The President / Co-President is the key point of contact for each club or society. You will shape the aims of the club for the year and will work closely with your careers / faculty contacts. It will be your responsibility to chair meetings, support the work of other members ensuring you always keep abreast of all activities. You will be responsible for the success of your club or society for the year.

If you wish to become a President for an existing Club or Society - please email stating your name, your course and which society you are applying for by Friday 4th October at 5pm.  You will then receive information on how to apply, for most groups this will take the form of completing a short video interview, consisting of five questions. This will need to be completed by Monday 7th October by 9:00am, applications after this time will not be accepted.

All applications will be reviewed by a panel made up from members of the careers team, current committee members and faculty staff. If successful you should hear by the 10th of October. You will then be invited to meet with your careers contact, current committee members and the events team and will be expected to host your society at the clubs and societies fair on the 17th of October 11:30 – 13:30

If you have any questions then please speak to (room G010) or the Cass Careers Team also based on the ground floor in Bunhill Row

Application to start a new Cass society

In exceptional circumstance it may be possible to set up a new society. However this would mean that the new society would be have to follow all five of the following criteria:

  1. The society must be distinct enough from what is currently available and the topic must not already be covered by an existing Group.
  2. The society would benefit the students in a way that is not currently available
  3. The society would benefit the Business School rather than better placed/better resourced within the city university based societies*
  4. The society would be feasible on a Practical/Resource Level
  5. The society will be open relevant and available to all of the Cass Community.

*Societies that fall into this category include niche sporting activities, religious groups, political groups and individual country based social/business groups

Applications are accepted from beginning of September to the end of November only

If you feel the society meets the above criteria and wish to continue to the application, then you will be required to complete an application form and submit the completed form to which will be reviewed by a panel. If the application does meet the above criteria then you may be required you to attend a formal interview panel to further asses the validity of the Society.

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